<Mission>Not actively recruiting at this time

I'm new, looking to get further into the game. I play as much as I can, mostly on the weekends.
Character name: Chambawambuh
hi. i would love to join

IGN : Sindazer

Looking for a active guild.

IGN - Falconrake

Level 75 Slayer
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Would love to be a part of a guild like this.

IGN: MySlayerGotDizzy
I have a level 95 slayer but have only played solo. Looking to join others to advance and help others to advance.
Character name: StarofDueling
hello i'd like to join your guild. Toon name is _FrostTheReaper_
Hi !

i would be interested in joining this guild, kind of new to the game but really want to grind it :)

Toon name strikingyomama

ye a troll name i know xD


I'm a returning player from a few years ago. The game has changed so much, I basically feel like I know nothing and would love to join the guild.

IGN: LastYearsHero
Hi I’m a new player and looking for a guild to join. My character’s name is CommodoreBird and would really appreciate a invite, thank you :)
I'm not new, but I'm definitely looking for some people to play with, and maybe some help with a couple of the end game things.

Character name: MoreOffMetaNonsense

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