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Hello there, fellow exiles. Haven't played since Incursion and now, after I've returned to PoE, i'm looking for a company to play with. Will be glad to join your guild and discord, my IGN: IDK_REALLY
Howdy, Myself Floki#9879 in Discord and TaranathBiswas in Game [Metamorph].

I have 5/6 accounts in Standard league, all between 13-41 level since 3 years back. Left the game and came back recently. Hav a lvl 45 arc Totem Templar and lvl 14 Ranger. Focusing on Templar.

I don't know how a guild can benefit me in poe, but I have played alot other games and love socializing and sharing game experience. I hope to be a good vibe and get help understanding the game being here.

never tried group play in poe and never had a guild also. I wanna try that and your post looks really fitting to me. Somewhat experienced player with around 1.2k hours and 1 mapping / 1 bossing character as always. If you have any questions hmu ingame @wowsuchspin. Also got a mic for voice in case that is a requirement.
New player. I started this league. Active every day. IGN MetaGurll or Dampersoul :)

New player here interested in joining a friendly guild. I only played this game a few years ago until lvl 41 so you could say I have no experience.
IGN: DreadGhosst

Not interested in handoffs or "boosts" (not sure if this game has it), just want a friendly guild to chat with and maybe help me with some information about the game when I get stuck/tips&tricks.

I'm new player and I'm looking for friendly guild. I haven't got many experienc with POE. My max lvl when is on my main character.
My nick in game:holoho

P.S. Sorry for my English, it's not perfect :)


Metamorph is my third league in PoE. Love banter and socializing. I'm online a lot, but I might be busy in the coming weeks due to mid-terms.

Hit me up in-game: LifePa
Hello, I just joined the discord while started reading around and this guild sounds great. I've been playing PoE for years on and off but really got in to it again a week or so back. Would love to join the guild!

IGN: Nekremencer
Hello, a new league player is looking to join the guild. Playing poe for more than 3 years right now. Decided to play temp leagues for more fun. Thanks.

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Hello, I am interested in joining looking for a friendly, but mature guild.

Name: CidNasty

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