<MISSION>Active Players Only/Heist/71 Organized Tabs/Active Discord/240+ Active Members

Updated OP. New instructions for joining posted.
Always be good to one another even if it's in a video game!
Hi all, I'm looking for a guild to join and came across this one.

I started playing POE about last yr so I'm still pretty new (metamorph is my second official league). I'm somewhat active, playing about 20+ hours weekly. I'm down to do maps with groups and to contribute to the guild stash! I joined the Discord and look forward to hearing from y'all soon :)
Hello i was searching for active guild and came across this one and it took up my interest in joining

Ive been playing poe for quite a while now ive put over 600 hrs into it past year counting steam client and main one im playing poe mostly for enjoying as much as i can ive joined a discord and want to get into the guild if possible.
Bump! IGN Blackhatmf

Just on my way over to Discord...

Hoping to join the fun.

IGN: xxxToxicDropxxx

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Hi, I would like to be part of the guild too..

Account Name - D_killer
Character Name - BLIGHT_TRAPPERR
Joining! IGN: Omni_itsMorphinTime
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IGN: @sLim_JustGonnaZoom
IGN : ShadowMonarch_JW
Very new player, started playing this league and I'm loving the game.
Long time player (5+ years) 24 years old, from Michigan. Looking for an active community and good guild to be a part of.

IGN: SumAndCum

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