<MISSION>Active Players Only/Heist/71 Organized Tabs/Active Discord/240+ Active Members

Hey! I would like to join your guild.
I was pulled into POE from Jousis and Ramyeon's crazy builds, falling in love with the variety and complexity of the game. Played a tiny bit of delirium, but consider Harvest my first league. This guild looks really cool and a community that everyone would want to be a part of. My IGN is GaylenBow in case you are inviting.
Hi, I would like to join the guild. I like msgs going on in guild chat. Feels alive. I've been to some guild that have total silence in the guild chat, which feels totally alone.

I'm a guy that loves to observe other ppl chatting, and I'll insert something in between now and then.

Been playing since synthesis in May 2019 only in softcore trade league ever since.

IGN: Poison_Eyez
Hi, I would like to join the guild.

Been playing since synthesis in April 2019 in softcore trade league most of the time and looking forward to have more people to play with in the next league.
IGN: JYStanlest
bump cause im sitting in discord. IGN: Jindor_ZoomBoom
bump cause im sitting in discord. IGN: Jindor_ZoomBoom
Newbie..but a gamer..love the game..will excel

been playing solo..getting to know the mechanics..the feel

Getting the feel of it all..realize i need a guild for real progression and fun..rather bond with friends to progress/meet the challenge of this game than be subjugated to the cruel world of open chat O.o

Thanks for the consideration!

Looking for an active guild to learn and grown with.
Ign: Testyng
Skipped a couple leagues but i am back now
Do add me good sirs
Recruitment is back open. We're only taking new players to the game at this time. Anyone is welcome to join our discord. The link is on our recruitment page, at the top.

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