[3.11] Divine Ire | Trickster | 70 Million Shaper Damage | Flick of the Finger Obliterator

SleeptNotAmy wrote:
But I thought the build couldnt shock because of the elemental gem?

But your orb of storms can.

Aitharel wrote:

Hm maybe something I will look into to improve my build. One question about militant faith, how much devotion should I be getting. I don't know how much is good and am scared to divine only to brick it lol.

You want as much devotion as possible. The only problem is to get enough without having important nodes converted. This is determined by the seed value (the one that changes with divine orb). It is impossible to determine the correct seed value. Each one gives different results, so the best option is to place it in your tree, see which nodes are converted and divine again if the wrong nodes are converted.

Aitharel wrote:

Ah I put that wrong. At standard Cotb sitting at 80%, I guess it could make sense to reach that 100%? This was initially for 3.8 I guess so it doesn't take that into account. However, with catalysts it would be useless yes.. I actually thought it was extra cold damage. Whoops...

Problem is, the hatred conversion mod converts phys to cold, while we already have 100% phys to lighting conversion. This actually lowers our damage, because we have less lightning damage to be converted to cold.
If we have a watchers that converts 25% phys to cold while affected by hatred and 35% phys to lightning while affected by wrath, we lose around 16,7% phys to lighting damage, because we can't convert more than 100%, so a split occurs.
(50% are converted by divine Ire, which has a higher priority, so 50% phyical have to be converted using 50% phys->lightning (35% watchers, 15% tree) and 25% phys->cold)
Again, you do not want to convert all of your lightning damage, since you need to shock with orb of storm
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Hey I crafted two wands, and I'm wondering which one is the best multicrafting, the first is :
tier 1 elemental as extra chaos damage
tier 1 increased critical chance for spells
tier 6 increased cold damage

And the second is
Tier 2 elemental as extra chaos damage
tier 3 physical as extra lightning damage
tier 2 Crit chance for spells + socketed gems are supported by...

Thanks for your guide !

Can someone help me with my build?

Its JackJokerr

I still got 100 ex burning and waiting for the proper items.(getting them atm)

but any help would be nice.
In your POB youve linked you simultaneously have "Are you leeching energy shield" and "are you always on full energy shield" ticked, which gives you both more modifiers from the ES leech support.

As far as I'm aware this is impossible with your setup?

Unticking "are you leeching energy shield" drops the hit from 24.5M to 17M....

Further, the only way to actually hit the 50m DPS as described is tick "is the enemy shocked" as you've described. That assumes a 50% shock effect which requires you deal 10% enemy life from lightning damage in a single hit, which isn't going to happen since you seem to be getting shock exclusively from orb of storms

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I have both:

if anyone is interested, pm me here or message me in game: @MelEster
Have question about wands. I've crafted this wand

Shall i keep it and start multimod or it's useless?
Also what about wands with +1 to all lightning gems? Like this one

And what about gems in chest - inspiration or controlled destruction?
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Was hoping someone could take a look at my character and give some feedback on what to upgrade next, right now just working on levelling gems and getting more levels on the character


Character is DivineDeatomization

Edit: Also like someone else seemed to mention earlier, Metamorphs seem to not take any extra damage from divine ire and the channelling feels like it does just as much damage to them as the beam itself
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Hey can anyone help me?

I'm very squishy and the dps seems low.

My character is NorrieCoC
First of all, thank you for your efforts. Having fun with this build.
I have a question, I self crafted my weapons with some alt spamming, annul and multi modding. Can you have a look at them? I know that they are missing some important mods like ele as extra chaos or phys as extra lightning but I checked PoB for dps changes and it seems like +1 lightning spell skill gems is a decent boost. What do you think about my weapons? Should I sell them and craft the ones that you highlighted or keep them? And I appreciate if you just look at my general build. All comments from everyone are appreciated. Thanks.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/KMdPG67J

(Note that some nodes from Thread of Hope and Glorious Vanity is missing.)

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