[3.11] Divine Ire | Trickster | 70 Million Shaper Damage | Flick of the Finger Obliterator

I've tried to do this, and my character seems weak. Easily dies and does not do the great damage to make up for it.
Would you possibly check my character to see what I've missed?

Thank you in advance!
Hey I was wondering what on this build I could improve for more dps besides just simply leveling up more.

any tips to get anywhere around the dps u get would be nice
currency isn't that big of a deal.
He have corrupted armour it gives him +2 level to AoE gems which is Divine Ire.
I checked POB - it gives him 12million DPS.
Can I ask how you make the wands with only two prefixes(Gain #% of phy as extra lightning)(gain #% of elemental as extra chaos)? I'm a freshman in crafting gear.
NasusPodInta wrote:
He have corrupted armour it gives him +2 level to AoE gems which is Divine Ire.
I checked POB - it gives him 12million DPS.

I understand that...yet DPS seems fine. I am only lvl 82 and I just took down Drox in a lvl 82 zone easily. I have been killing shaper guardians before I hit lvl 80. I can only imagine being lvl 95+ the dps must be amazing if I am killing end-game bosses 12 lvls under with no problem. On top of that I am missing unnatural instincts and my wands and shit.
Nice build man! Great work!
This build is undoubtedly expensive but strong. The Eternity Shroud and all shaper items is insanely strong with all of the Gain 5% ele dmg as extra chaos dmg and hits ignoring all chaos resistance if the user wears all shaped items.

However, could somebody explain to me how strong the mods "Gain phys % as extra ele/chaos dmg" are? Where do we even get all of the phys damage from? The 2 wands are like ~100 dps wands. There's also more physical damage from the gem itself but is that all the physical damage thats needed?
natherox wrote:
Looking back on this guide originally created in 3.7, we have come along way. The journey has been long and enriched with knowledge. Recently I have seen a bit of confusion with some of the calculations (mostly my fault.) It is my goal over the next 2 weeks to update the guide and more accurately reflect the output damage this build is capable of.

What are my plans?
Updated Tree
Updated Gear
Updated Gems
Updated Calculations (Yes including Shock and Energy Leech)
New Videos

The goal will be to maintain around 50 Million Shaper Damage. If your are unsure about replicating this build, I recommend holding off until the next major update for this guide is released. Thanks to those that have followed the guide, shared their experiences, and enjoyed the power of FotFO!

Did you get to update some calculations on the shock yet? Pretty curious about that as I feel you'd be able to replace ele focus for something like CD (regular) or Conc (bosses) and basically always hit max shock with divine ire which in combination with another support gem far outscales ele focus, doesn't it?

Or is it basically worthless as Shock is applied after the hit meaning only the second hit would actually benefit from the shock and not the first (which you want to be a oneshot anyways)
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Is 40% increased divine ire damage really that big of an upgrade? its kinda expensive sooo i don't know if im going to buy it or not.
It has taken more time than anticipated, but things are looking promising. With awakened gems, catalysts, and cluster jewels it looks like we will be able to achieve a more sustainable damage output.

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