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[3.11] LIGHTNING ARROW/BARRAGE Deadeye Build / Zap your way forward! UBER ELDER DONE!

What cluster jewels to aim for if any?

I believe it is possible to socket abyss jewels in cluster sockets as well.
vetroxbl wrote:
jozefkrnac wrote:
vetroxbl thanks for your response.

I wrote a DPS tooltip (my "real" DPS I don`t know).
Murderous Eye Jewel - I didn't understand what you mean, I got the wrong type, or?

What would you advise me to improve?

Tooltip DPS is irrelevant in this game.

Your biggest improvement would come from learning to use Path of Building. Not being sarcastic. Download here. Get the fork this way.

Tombfists have a "With a Murderous Eye Jewel Socketed, Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit with Attacks" mod. Intimidate is a 10% increased damage taken debuff on enemies, or essentially a 10% more multiplier for your damage output.

Upgrade your bow, first and foremost.
I suggest this one:

Or this one if you can afford it and can catch the seller:

Drop Haste, it's a bad aura for non-minion builds. Use HoI + Aspect (preferably Spider).

Your belt should have twice as much resistances. You can't rely on flasks for resistances. Any Nullifier rare will mean your instant death. And Wise Oak is a bad flask anyways. Get a crit chance Cinderswallow (they're 1ex or so).

Get a proper anointment.

Get an Assassin's Mark ring + Mark of the Shaper. Probably have to drop Bubonic Trails for rare boots with resistances in order to do so. Not a loss to do it whatsoever.

Here's a useful write-up. Take what you can from it.

Hi vetro;
1. I downloaded Path of Bulding
2. Tombfist - I swapped the right types of eye jewels
3. Upgrade Bow - The first bow is already sold, second bow is a real price of over 100exa-I asked the owner
4. Drop Haste - and I replace Haste for HoI + Aspect of Spider
5. Belt - I strengthened the resistance
6. Wise Oak flask - I replace for Cinderswallow flask
7. Proper anointment - Amulet is Whispers of Doom + quality 20%
8. Rings - yet double course+spider (I already have little exa for better ring`s)

Is it a little better?

My question: Which bow should I eat? (I have 3 to choose from)

Thank you very much yet

Hy how do you turn 4 auras on I have not enough mana precision is on 1
Vitos07 wrote:
Hy how do you turn 4 auras on I have not enough mana precision is on 1

All builds:
What is the aura prio when you don't have the amulet yet since it's very expensive with the Wrath mod.
Jakkerr wrote:
What is the aura prio when you don't have the amulet yet since it's very expensive with the Wrath mod.

wrath + lightning
All builds:
Any notable cluster nodes to look for? Also what anointment on amulet?
Viktranka wrote:
Sinxeado wrote:
Noob questions, i had problem with Energy leech support. I saw and use the talent tree + skills gems, but using Blood rage I cannot leech ES, so my dps goes down. Any tips or something i do bad? ty
You're leeching energy shield when it's not full. That's the whole point of blood rage. Leech will stop when the ES reaches max and blood rage ensures it never does. You also need to have some ES on gear even very small amount but if you have absolutely 0 then you can't leech something you don't have.

That probably means you should avoid no leech maps because then yeah, you'll lose dps.

Im still having a hard time trying to understand this. My energy leech does not leech ES when Blood rage is consistently draining my life. I didnt even see my ES go above 1.

Also, i dont feel my dmg & hp is decent at the current level. (might be due to me sacrificing jewel socket for cluster jewels)

Will appreciate some advise. Also, should i be using 5L Windripper or 6L Lioneye Glare and the gem setup for each of the bow.
This is my first league, and I've been following the build for the most part. Does anyone have any suggested improvements?

I currently have the Tombfist Steel Gauntlets with 1 abyssal socket, but haven't bought a Murderous eye gem yet, I plan on doing that tonight. Any other suggestions would be great!

Any good anoiment for amulet ?

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