[3.10] Talamoe's 💪 Strength Stacking 💪 Blade Vortex Chieftain | 2400+ Str |

how this build work at high lvl delve?
what i can say after i bought almost all items and played for a while. this is NOT cheap build at all. and it cant be played with cheap uniques as TS said in description.
Build is meant to be played ONLY on Standart or after a month or so after league start. Because you ll simply lack of currency to complete it.

we ll need gloves, doon, armour and helmet. ok price is ok no problem. but what s going next is lack of resistances due to using astramentis (most of uniques doesnt exist on poetrade or have a high prices on fresh league) and importance of stacking strenght which is really expensive especially this league when baron is meta. Thats not all problems - the next is expensive unique jewels.

for example efficient training is 170 chaos after more than 1 week of league start. you ll need 2 of those.
watchers eye i guess i can skip this part)
brawn - 30c per 1, to get a 6% strenght. youll probably will have a slightly lack of dex so dex will be usefull too (blade vortex require 155).
emperors mastery - 17 exalts! 17 carl!

since we dont start with gems we needed we should buy it from poe trade. all 20/20 gems costs a lot too. without them your dps will be miserable (if you dont start with those crazy jewels)

and last thing that page of this build calling 3.8, but this is not 3.8 AT ALL.
if you look at passive Utmost Intellect with this links to pob or official poe you ll see that this passive has been moved to another section of the tree. and now we cant take it with efficient training. Which is HUGE boost to our es and dmg. this could add a 2k of es if not more. passive Utmost Might has been moved too but thats not essential.

so ive invested 10-15 exalts to get a 7200 es (without watcher and emperor) its like whaaaaat?? how this build can be "Cheap to start (No legacy gear required, can be done with cheap uniques)" and "Extremely tanky with no currency investment" how is it possible? 7200 es for 10 exalts are not extremely tanky at all
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Yeah the jewels are very pricy, I've noticed that too.

But not sure why you're having difficulty getting +7.2K ES.

I'm on 9.3k ES with no unique jewels and a rare amulet.

I can definately see the damage lacking later on in higher maps (I've only just got up to yellow maps now).

Did I miss something obvious in my build that has made it easier to get more tanky? There is a bunch of res on my jewels but getting Holy Dominion next will help ease that burden a little.

Here's my current setup with the most expensive item being the gloves...
Thanks for the reply offimpulse. WILL pass this build since owner cleary is wrong about "cheap"
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Hi, I’m playing with your build, can you see and say what can be improved?
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Wanted to try this, but had to stop playing at level 7 after finding out PoB not updated to 3.8, and then noticed I cannot get big STR / INT node.
Playing Baron Zombie Necromancer with this build, changed some items and trees for Necromancer, using one lethal pride and no those 2 Lab unique jewels, sitting at 2240 str and 14k ES now, it's far better in both offence and defence than HP or Hybrid zombie summoner, just came to say thanks.
@hnlyhyb could you please share your POB for zombie build? I also plan to convert this build to zombies
I am struggling on strength I have no idea why? Help me papa
Hi, can u post armagedon brand clear vid, or just the calc./passives for it? :)

Btw. Rly nice looking build :)

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