The R'lyeh Star

Hi Nysasia from R'lyeh Star !
It was a while since I was looking for a guild.
And of course I could not miss you without noticing you, R'lyeh fans! ^^
I am a 37 years old French, I play since 2013 at POE.
I'm not a big player, but when I like a build, I try to take it as far as possible.
I would be happy to take a walk with you.
see you soon, I hope :)
R_lyeh as IGN: GhostInTheNight
Yes! I would love this.
I'll invite you as soon as my game is done patching!
Heyho o/

Blight's my first league, but seems like I'll be sticking around for a while and joining a guild seems like a good decision, 'cause a bit of socialization never hurts. Plus, yikes there's a lot to learn!

Based in EU
IGN: Tinriane

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