Development Manifesto: Legion as a Core Game Mechanic

Barabama wrote:
[Removed by Support] I am pretty sure I was promised to have all those 1000 random encounters spawning in the same map fixed, so I wouldnt have to spend my time jumping back and forth inceptionfuck style.

You arent letting players focus on one thing at the time without making them feel like they are missing out on a lot of good stuff if they decide to skip that annoying shit and don't want to grind mindlessly everything.

So I found 2 chayula stones, 2 tul, 1 esh 1 xoph all enriched pure etc from legion. This league i also Found 13 tul, 9 esh, 11 xoph 4 ull netol 1 chayula from splinters from breaches. To say it was too common is completely false. I've done thousands of maps on ssf this league and just barely got 129 chayula splinters. It's not common enough.
SSF, because Path of Trade RMTers and bots suck.
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Great, makes sense!
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STD Trade/Craft/Carry:
Also they're gonna cut the dick off cyclone
How about add into map mods pool a new ones for each '10% league', that can be rolled by currency (even alterations)?

Also how about mark on atlas each possible activities? Masters, trials (Goddess blessed area) and other, like dimension activity (Breach), Timeless anomaly (Legion) and so on.

Game now have a lot different 'procs' of content for being random. We want targeted farming.
E = mc^(OMG)/wtf
Ah yes, the "Breach Treatment". Good old 10% RNG feast-or-famine. Here are all the ways we're adding Legion to the game... which you'll hardly ever see. Scarabs practically don't exist... no one uses sextants because they don't drop enough (unless you play 18 hours a day)... it's impossible to Delve for content because you still haven't removed sulphite, and your 25th Delve patch change has still not made Delve a good experience.... not to mention, adding a Temple room will just make everything else about Atzoatl even worse. How tone-deaf can you be, here?

Just like Mathil went half a year (!) without seeing an Aul, so too the vast majority of your player base (99%+) goes without properly interacting with and seeing content - without buying it, at least, through the abysmal means we are given, which until recent times have been 100% third party. This number should gobsmack your numbers guys and cause some action to be taken, but like I said, it's feast or famine with you guys, and for the players, you always choose "famine". Gotta chase that carrot on a stick, right Blizzard? I mean, Tencent?

I'm just wondering: When will you learn, and when will enough be enough? Clearly your players won't learn and won't quit no matter how bad your choices are, so we're begging you to answer - why do you keep making such stupid decisions?

RIP Legion.
No fun allowed.™
if their build was capable of doing so.

like this a good thing. this is why i dropped this league after 2 weeks, [Removed by Support].
play ED/Vaal Nova or go suck balls. oh,and headhunter. [Removed by Support]
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Nice work

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