Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

still i have on my transcendence cyclone 22m dps xD Multistrike Nerf pffff
The Occultist's Vile Bastion now also grants 40 energy shield regenerated per second at all times, granting more reliable recovery, especially at lower levels.

Hahaha. For a 10k ES character this is 0.4% ES regen.

Nerfed from 30% regen to 10% regen to about 0.4% regen.
yavvyred wrote:
Multistrike used to have an auto-targeting ability built in. Instantly hitting enemies surrounding you provided a lot of effective dmg and defense. Without it, I feel like most of the melee skills (except the ones not using multistrike) were nerfed by 50% effective dmg.

I think this could be reconsidered. Thanks.

Multistrike was buffed. Mathematically in 3 strikes it does more damage, and it certainly does more damage for 1 and 2 strikes. I’m not sure why you think there will be an issue with hitting enemies. Being able to cancel the animation every attack instead of every 3 attacks is a buff to clear speed.

What we need is the autotarget ability of multistrike, Yah Its buffed the damage but its really rediculous to use, anybody use that gem in legion League? I guess none. As i told You before GGG, bring back the old multistrike or else no body will use almost all melee gem that supported by multistrike. Afraid on SUNDER to be on top? Then nerf it.
Stop. No one wants to micro-manage mana flasks that remove themselves when the wind blows the wrong direction.
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Lots of crybabies about mana leech and flasks.
There are other choices (mana on hit, regen, flasks, on kill, reduced/-mana cost) and EB/MoM builds with ES leech you can explore eventually.
Or play brands/totems/traps/mines/trigger …

We've introduced a selection of new modifiers for mana flasks, including a new "Enduring" modifier that lets the mana flask remain after reaching full mana at the cost of duration.
I am smelling some cool interactions with unique flasks here.
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I really think people are overreacting with the whole mana thing. It’s GGG’s style to reveal some unknown but seemingly big “nerf,” and a few days later after new information is revealed most people like the change. The reality is mana as most casters suck. We are locked into whatever gear leeches mana for us. My own experience, admittedly, is only with Arc, but in that there is 1 good way to get mana: Watcher’s Eye. You have to fumble around with mana before that 1 item, then everything is solved, and you can completely forget about mana so long as there is enough in reserve to cast 1 spell.

Casters should have to invest in mana, but much like melee invests in accuracy, there should be a reward system in place for doing so. Keystone: Your spells deal increased damage equal to your mana regeneration rate. Your mana has 50% less regeneration. Keystone 2: Gain .1% of maximum mana regenerated per second per 100 mana. You cannot leech mana. You cannot gain mana on hit or on kill.

While those are completely theoretical, I find it unlikely there won’t be something in place to not make it a 100% nerf to casters.
I strongly recommend avoiding all tools that price check. There have been several reported bans for breaching the ToS, and I suspect this is the cause.
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Rakiii wrote:
Lots of crybabies about mana leech and flasks.
There are other choices (mana on hit, regen, flasks, on kill, reduced/-mana cost) and EB/MoM builds with ES leech you can explore eventually.
Or play brands/totems/traps/mines/trigger ...

Shhhh. Don't let GGG know. They'll nerf them all in order to get mana flasks to be meta.
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POE/Tencent rich the record of all time in players playing a league ( Legion ) till the last day....HaHaHa...we loved the numbers of Synthesis league...hammer the game so our server will be safe and no1 will have to w8 hours to join the new league. New changes...problem solved. GG-GGG hahahahahahaaha
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I like how they say "all minions" in all those thread but I can bet my left testicle they forgot about Animated Weapon.
Thank you for the changes to veiled modifiers. I spent an entire league trying to unlock ONE MODIFIER I needed to help my build progress and never got it. It's beyond frustrating to unlock veiled mods.
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