Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

Rakiii wrote:
Lots of crybabies about mana leech and flasks.
There are other choices (mana on hit, regen, flasks, on kill, reduced/-mana cost) and EB/MoM builds with ES leech you can explore eventually.
Or play brands/totems/traps/mines/trigger …

You obviously don't play the game very long or your builds probably stop at red maps each league if you don't see the problem with the mana leech nerfs.

Even with as little investment as possible in mana leech you never had enough points for decent Life Pool plus damage. If you also have to heavily invest in mana regen nodes what will your uber elder build look like, 500k dmg and only 4k HP?

Heavy Life Node investment in passive tree already insanely limited build diversity. With heavy mana Node investment build diversity will be limited to only the 2 new META OP builds they introduce every new league and nerf the next league. Everything else will be a min-maxing trap.
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The flask system in this game is causing repetitive stress injuries. Forced mana flasks are not going to help this issue. You're placing players in a position where they need to risk getting banned or accept actual physical injuries. The flask system needs a rework, particularly if this is your "solution" to magic users.

Rakiii wrote:
Lots of crybabies about mana leech and flasks.
There are other choices (mana on hit, regen, flasks, on kill, reduced/-mana cost)

None of those are useful vs bosses. None are useful anywhere for expensive spells + high cast speed.

Rakiii wrote:

and EB/MoM builds with ES leech you can explore eventually.

How exactly does MoM help with mana sustain? Even when paired with EB.

Or EB alone meaning you basically ignore mana almost entirely so what's the point of all the mana changes? To force players to only play EB? How is that a smart design?

Rakiii wrote:

Or play brands/totems/traps/mines/trigger …

So the solution is to give up entirely on self-casting spells. Why? And how is that an OK thing in your vision? Just because you personally don't like self-casting?

Rakiii wrote:

We've introduced a selection of new modifiers for mana flasks, including a new "Enduring" modifier that lets the mana flask remain after reaching full mana at the cost of duration.
I am smelling some cool interactions with unique flasks here.

Yeah, ever heard the notion of opportunity cost?
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>Previously, Ailments from Critical Strikes dealt 50% more damage by default
>Now, Ailments from Critical Strikes have +50% to Damage over Time multiplier by default
and have some more ???????
So the corpo decided what their "customers" will play for the next 3 months and which mtx they will sell. Great.

At least they make it clearer each league so you dont choose the wrong "archetype" by accident.

Poe 4.0 will introduce new league mechanic, "featured build", of course not forced on anyone and changing each league! Featured build gets 5000% more damage and 5000% less damage taken during the league. You can still play anything you want!

Other changes
Packs of monsters that spawn with Rare monsters now have a single shared modifier from the Rare, as well as more life, damage, experience and item rewards. This will make a Rare monster encounter more rewarding, and able to provide a greater challenge.

What about rares with the mod "Allies cannot die"?
Hmmm, not really happy with all the nerfs. Cyclone, mana for casters (mana on spell hit still a thing?) and especially TS+Fork (my sweet Windripper+Rigwalds combo....)

Feels like we are being forced to play a summoner in 3.8 (before they are going to be nerfed in the league afterwards....).
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We Nerfed Ghost Dance because it was too powerful.
We Nerfed Ghost Dance because it was too defensive.
We Nerfed Bane of Legends because it was too powerful.
We Nerfed This and that because it too "powerful for one node"


I've really lost the interest i used to have in this game because CLEARLY the devs have no idea what they are doing anymore.
I think my favorite part is seeing the same people from the last balance manifesto complain they'll never play the game again, again.

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