Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

I really appreciate the changes to unveiled mods as it felt like you had to specifically grind Syndicate hard to get those certain crafts. I'd log on once a day solely to do the Syndicate daily to progress on crafts. I also appreciate both the referenced summoner and poison buffs. I haven't played either of those types of builds in POE. I can say that I traded with fewer summoners this now previous league than in the past which made me question if it was viable to play those builds.

I really like the changes to the Assassin ascendancy, it looks like it could be very good. I understand the nerf's to Slayer and Berserker, though I can't help feel it is a little much and maybe not quite the right focus. I really can't complain because Slayer did feel broken playing it the entire league.

What can I say about the Cyclone nerf, I think we all knew it was coming.
Personally I didn't think the nerf would look this bad on paper, but it does. I'm just going to have to see how it feels to figure out if it's still viable. AOE on Cyclone never mattered that much too me personally as long as it can clear mobs at a decent pace.

My criticism is more towards the mana cost of melee skills specifically in a six link set-up. In Legion the cost of Cyclone within a six link set-up was virtually free as far as mana cost. All I needed was one -9 to mana cost of skills craft and I didn't have to worry about anything, literally my mana never moved. Skills like Earthquake, Sunder, Tectonic Slam, etc. literally cost more than five times the mana in a six link than Cyclone. I'd rather have seen the focus of balancing on mana cost of melee skills, than the damage and AOE.

I think balance is different in everyone's eyes. I've only ever played melee builds in POE and that's nothing against spell casters. That's just a personal preference and I'll continue primarily playing melee builds. I appreciated Legion because it put melee at the forefront and I had the opportunity to truly do end game content for the first time with a variety of melee skills. The Legion content itself was a little lack luster, I'm hoping Blight offers a little bit more variety in the way of end/late game content. If not, you'll likely find me in the mines.
Massive work here being done to make the game better. Cannot wait for 4.0.0
Even though i'll be skipping this league (fuck tower defense), these seem to be solid changes. Nerf Cyclone/Contagion/TS as was needed and simplify unveiling. Good.

Also it's funny how people don't seem to understand that 4.0.0 won't come straight after 3.9.0 lol... Chris already said that they can do 3.10.0 and 3.11.0 etc. Why are people thinking about some patch that is far off lol...
Got back to PoE after about a year of not playing. Tried Heist for a few days... meh.
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skimbre wrote:
Marxone wrote:
hmm Poet Pen is back.

I dont realy understand how the "it will trigger when finishing attack" works, i mean the cooldown get buffed but still it will cast two spells in the same time no? Or the rework make it like before as it was?

it's more like you could just hold the right button for the classic teleport spam but holding move and clicking for just attack, it will cancell the attack animation, meaning you won't cast that spell since the attack "won't happen".
I represent only myself, my own thought and believes. I am individual, not a representative of the community.
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
Should make unveiling mods give you syndicate coins which can be spent on unlocking the veiled mod you want.
Exile009 wrote:
juyevon wrote:
Natalia_GGG wrote:
3.7.0 introduced a whole host of changes and improvements to a variety of melee skills. This resulted in a lot of people playing Cyclone.

Yes. Because the rest of the meele skills where clunky, awkward and slow crap in comparison to cyclone. This "improvments" were useless. You could have easily improve these other skills to make them fun to, instead of nerving Cyclone. For example a Spectral Throw without the need to stop would be a lot of fun. They literally couldn't. Cos then they'd all be Cyclone clones. Cyclone's ease of use is fundamental to its identity and how the skill works - transplanting it onto other skills just destroys their identity. We already have quite a few auto-damage skills and builds in the game if that's what you're after. And your suggestion for Spectral Throw basically just turns it into a version of, idk, Winter Orb or Static Strike or something. So you just run around and weapons auto-spawn and damage enemies around you? If you just want to do that, go play the builds that already do that sorta thing. For everyone else, it replaces what was an active playstyle with either a partially (if it's like Static Strike) or entirely (if it's constant like Righteous Fire, just with a different visual effect) passive one. If you like Cyclone, play Cyclone. Don't ask for all the games' other skills to lose all their identity and just become more Cyclones. And then we'll see people attacking that change, just as we've already seen with people criticizing the new Cobra Lash as just a rework of Spectral Throw.

By making Cyclone weaker, they're making you pay a cost for smoothness and ease of use, so there's a tradeoff. Ideally, the more dedicated abilities will offer you greater power in return for requiring more focus and skill to play them. That's balance. What you want isn't balance, rather Cornucopia.

no what he wants is for other melee skills to fit the game style that ggg promotes. Kill as fast as you can because the drops are mostly pointless.
It doesn't need to be a clone of cyclone to be fundamentally fun. By that logic every spell is a clone of each other if they have a similar tag.

no melee skill should have an attack speed penalty.
Cyclone aoe was too large , but a 70% reduction in aoe is beyond stupid where diminishing returns would of cut the problem while still enabling the skill to compete.

Cyclone was overplayed because they released a patch in which all other melee skills did not work - be it animation cancelling , speed penalty, or changes to strikes. They simply did not make melee skills interesting. Add to the fact that the league was a short timed mass aoe challenge - it is no wonder people played as they did.

The devs need to be held to a higher standard .

Rakiii wrote:
Navandis wrote:
So, lose 1 flask slot that could be used for utility AND waste additional passive points to solve a problem that didn't exist until now?

Using mana leech was an easy solution but you have still other choices how to solve mana recovery. It´s about your preferences.

Navandis wrote:

You still didn't explain how MoM fits here. I am suspecting you said MoM/EB because that's what you saw other people talk about but don't really understand what each keystone does and their purpose in practice.

You´re spending ES instead of mana while having EB allocated and you can leech ES via ES leech support. MoM is usually used here as an extra effective HP.
It fits the theme here or what are you asking?

Navandis wrote:

Traps, mines, totems, minions, neither have the huge mana costs of self-casting and as consequence they don't have the same mana sustain problems to deal with.
Until now self-spellcasting builds have sacrificed some passives, gem setups, maybe even an aura slot to ensure a decent mana flow. That should've been enough.
You don't have to explain all the ways to get back enough mana sustain, I'm well aware of all of them. The problem is why do we have to do that? Were self-casting builds so over-powered they needed some nerfs? Because this is a nerf! Every single resource you have to sacrifice now to offset the new mana "rules" that GGG envisioned is a resource that you don't use for DPS or defenses. This is what I mean about opportunity cost, not pros and cons...

Traps and mines (not all of them) have very high mana cost since you can spam them without any limits (CD on traps has been removed) and I have played many trap/mines builds.
I have seen such overreaction after WM change and what? Nothing happened. It´s not game over just adapt yourself and find new ways.

The problem with this change is that in forcing Mana issues they nerf build diversity even more. EB + MoM was already used. However, Shavs + Pain Attunement was as well. Leech offered more to the table for builds that needed it for sustain. Now those builds have to go EB or lose a Mana slot. Saying it's your choice between two options is pretty awful when there were more options before.
why nerf poet pen and up poet pen? open eyes siily ppls , they just GRAB UR $
Tornado Shot has been outperforming other bow attack skills, while also having potent single target damage. This is partially due to the power of the Additional Secondary Projectiles enchantment. We've changed the enchantment to be from the Eternal Labyrinth only, and to grant +1 secondary projectiles, down from +2.

LOL. i put some other phys bow on me then i go kill boss with that tornadoshot. boom yey i can kill boss with tornadoshot but its intended right. here comes ggg and straight f us in the bum.

we arent allowed to play game as we want. they decide what we play what gem combination we use...

what the actual thing is this ??? theres so many melee cyclone players in legion so we reworked how cyclone calculates its dps. hahahah seriusly ggg get off your pills.

ggg seriusly you guys are comedians xD when you leave players alone. legion was first and last league i ever play. and trashbin standard. no thanks. getting old and boring.

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