Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

stop release blight, cooldown it on 2-3 weeks, and make finally balanced league. no one care about league content(it's usually shit(90%)). And make no nerf after release..
Meh, most stuff has barely ever applied to me or I wouldn't even know it had changed. Should I just ditch the friends and job and become a gamer recluse so I can actually see some of this stuff? >.>
understand nothing, but hype
Elhazzared wrote:
Just mentioning 2 things where you are massively wrong GGG.

First is that no one should be forced to play this game with other people, in fact there is a reason why you created SSF in the first place. That means that all players should be able to get all veiled mods because they will be looking for a specific one for their build... Indeed you have improved it and it's a good thing, however balance on this side should never be made from the perspective that a player doesn't needs to have all veiled mods. Conceivably there are many the player will end up not using, but with no real way to chose which ones they want and which they don't, you need to go under the assumption they need all of them.

Second is the idea that changing ascendencies to be more generic at this point will create build diversity. It won't. Fact of the matter is. If one class gives minion bonus then everyone will just go for that. If someone is doing crit build then they are going to go for whatever crit build is strongest and so on. People will always (almost always anyway but that's why people then get frustated that it's not working) pick the best tool for the right job. Thinking otherwise is a little bit naive.

I agree with you on veiled mods! Legion was the first league I try-harded and I found myself bummed out that I couldn't craft some of the modifiers I wanted and had to try to find and tip someone to get a craft - which is not at all fun to do.

However, I somewhat disagree with you on your point about ascendancies. I like the idea of ascendancies each having their own flavor and you should have 2-3 ascendancies to pick from if you want to make a certain build. I don't think people will only pick the most OP and fail with anything lesser. PoE is at a point where powercreep is real, and virtually everything is broken and absurdly overpowered with enough investment. Undeniably, most players are rolling Necro for minion builds, most players are rolling Assassin for poison builds. I get that. But I'm excited about making a poison Pathfinder and RF Chieftain with the DoT changes, and a DB Guardian with the new minion changes, and I bet you I wreck the endgame all the same, albeit a bit slower :)
I only got to page 10 in reply's to this post ! Congrats GGG you have a new record set for pissed off people ! I play for fun and I dont find slow clearing builds fun, their more like work! molten strike dead , Cyclone dead melee dead ... path of exile ? I just dont understand why you over nerf an totally kill a skill ? Thus I don't think you should call these posts balance as the scale shows some skills are worthless thats not balance its called tipping the scales !!!
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Should I just ditch the friends and job and become a gamer recluse so I can actually see some of this stuff? >.>

Friends, yes. They are merely a distraction in your quest for glory and domination of Wraeclast. Job, no. You need the money to buy that bad ass armor set for your poison Assassin.

Seriously though, I'm not sure how much PoE you have played. But last league was the most I had played by far, it was my first time ever killing Shaper/Elder/Uber Elder. 95% of my time was "wasted" trying out new builds and learning what I could. Blight league I won't be able to play nearly as much, but I'm willing to bet I will accomplish even more endgame stuff in a fraction of the time spent.
Fasteddie1 wrote:
I only got to page 10 in reply's to this post ! Congrats GGG you have a new record set for pissed off people ! I play for fun and I dont find slow clearing builds fun, their more like work! molten strike dead , Cyclone dead melee dead ... path of exile ?

Ha! I seriously hope you're joking. Molten strike was still really strong last league, just no one knew it because Cyclone was the silliest most busted ability they've ever made. You could STILL roll any Cyclone build you want and destroy all content. I don't understand why you folks always overreact to much-needed sensible balance changes. This game gets easier and easier with every passing league, just with different skills and abilities each time.
ryuukk33 wrote:
Elementalist still trash

DO SOMETHING, you force people to not play the game.....

This is beyond frustrating......... why you f*g kill stuff that people enjoy playing

DO you even test your game ?

Your testers clearly HATE elementalist

I won't be playing this league

Wait, some people actually play this game with the sole goal of playing only ONE ascendancy? Like, what? I thought the entire point of this game was trying out new builds, and with power-creep the possibilities are endless. But okay mate, buh bye.
So TS ranger trader is still the GGG approved build, and they rest are newb traps and streamer bait, like always.

No changes to trade, because everything is broken as intended.

Path of Merchants.

And now even harder to get mana. Directly punishing all play. (Won't apply to pawnshop all stars of course, nothing ever does.)

Trade is 1000x more OP than anything else and SSF doesn't help because it's balanced exactly like a trader/streamer league.

My only hope for having any fun for the full length of this league are the engagement control changes. If I can have some kind of not-trade-based mechanism of controlling which maps drops so I can consistently play in areas I enjoy and not be brutally punished for it, I'll endure all the other trash.

As of now though, still, no more than 5$ will be spent, at best. Likely zero if my cynicism proves founded.
GGG makes it so the game feels like a job instead of a hobby so that it can profit from all the social training everyone gets to work harder and self-exploit. - I could use some like minded people in my guild. - I don't see reply notifications.
Mana leech and life leech need to work for attacks and spells. Know one will use spells if its not the same as phy or range builds there just no point.
Forget thinking mana needs to be something its not.

This has been big problem for years since close beta, I want to play a caster build, and each time I make one its so fun till I forget I need to run 4 mana potions and hit every key on my keyboard just so I can keep attacking no fun in that just bad design and game devs not listening to there players for YEARS YEARS, Chris time to wake up, you know this make no sense and its not working.

Time to fix all leech as one leech for all damage types. (should take 5min to do)

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