Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

ryuukk33 wrote:
Elementalist still trash

DO SOMETHING, you force people to not play the game.....

This is beyond frustrating......... why you f*g kill stuff that people enjoy playing

DO you even test your game ?

Your testers clearly HATE elementalist

I won't be playing this league

Wait, some people actually play this game with the sole goal of playing only ONE ascendancy? Like, what? I thought the entire point of this game was trying out new builds, and with power-creep the possibilities are endless. But okay mate, buh bye.

It's call immersion. If this game is going have zero respect for it, it might as well reskin the whole thing as a bullet hell shooter. It already plays that way if you're suing the one true dev approved class. (TS/trader)

Do you not understand what the R in ARPG stands for? Are you seriously defending GGG for punishing the use of a R in a game that's marketed (at least originally) as having freedom to choose?

How is it actual freedom if there's clearly a right and wrong answer?


The ascendancies were are and will always be a mistake. Your argument woulde make more sense if I could put any profession on any of the player character skins. But since I can't, since you're absolutely forced to link profession and class,
GGG makes it so the game feels like a job instead of a hobby so that it can profit from all the social training everyone gets to work harder and self-exploit. - I could use some like minded people in my guild. - I don't see reply notifications.
The skill provided too much area of effect for heavily invested characters

well....if u -> HEAVILY <- INVEST...u should have heavy rewards in the end right ?.... naaaaaaaaaaaah.... :)))))))))
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Hurry up and run out and buy all those supporter packs and MTXs! Forget what the patch notes say... forget actually playing the game.

Just keep throwing money at TenCent! GOGOGO
holyart wrote:
KEADTR wrote:

[Removed by Support], thanks GGG finally unnoticed skills will be valued!

well support removed the gem lol can you pm me what gem you talked about. ty

Wait, some people actually play this game with the sole goal of playing only ONE ascendancy? Like, what? I thought the entire point of this game was trying out new builds, and with power-creep the possibilities are endless. But okay mate, buh bye.

I could have sworn the point of the game was to play what you liked and not being forced to play shit you didn't to have a viable change at playing certain content...Elementalist implies mastery of elements, but god ducking famn if GGG didn't give Mr.Stabby a way to take some mediocre amount of elemental damage and scale it into Chaos to make Ele-chan look useless. And then No-Pants beats her too...

They've effectively taken a hard-point/one attribute character and turned it into an ordinal one so why even fucking bother anymore, right?
nadakuu wrote:
Cyclone was overplayed because they released a patch in which all other melee skills did not work - be it animation cancelling , speed penalty, or changes to strikes. They simply did not make melee skills interesting.

I played Wild Strike in Legion. And not even as a Slayer (block Gladiator). Certainly didn't feel like "other melee skills did not work". On the contrary, it felt better than ever before. And far more fun than just mindlessly spinning through the whole map.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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IamLoco wrote:
Oh wow.
As a (mostly) standard player, I already stopped gearing up my (old) berserker with a new cyclone build after Chris said on reddit that it´s "not working as intended".

So, that "minor" nerf now includes:
- Cyclone AoE (which was more a "problem" of certain ascendancies) got nerfed
- Cyclone flat Phys Bonus cut in half
- Berserker got nerfed (stop trying to make anyone play Warcries)
- Mana cost reductions aka free Cyclone was nerfed
- Pulverise nerf again nerfs Cyclone AoE and will probably render the skill unenjoyable for every class except the mentioned "problem" Ascendancies

Thinking "OK, time to go back to my MoM Hierophants then" also seems to be no option, as you obviously change the Hiero Ascendancy and cut the defensive part of the mana branch - which means mind over matter obviously.
So you also need to nerf the defenses of an already slightly squishy class?

You can´t imagine HOW fed up I am with your mindless nerf mentality.
I already put PoE aside for the last weeks, but I think since you make it impossible to min-max any build in the game for the long run, I might as well quit this nerf-orgy all together.

Maybe this is really the result of an mtx based business model, where you don´t care about the balance but rather about selling as many different skill mtx as possible, who knows.

The idea behind PoE once was "play whatever you want", it´s clearly now "play whatever we want".

i have read lot of comments till the page you posted. i think page 17. and i feel it. months now i am minmaxing my 2 builds . i cant have both things in game what i want. to kill and survive to kill in economy. like my account is cursed.

looked some charts. and poe players base declining pretty fast paced. and myself playing every day less and less.

in legion i got rewarded in monolith but gets boring. merge happened. boom standard again. tastes like water soaked bread without nothing. buff up map 0 reward. should i pickup rare items and vendor for alternatios reward? no ty.
i had my fun with this game. time to move on to another game. something new and fresh. gl
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i immediately regreted buying this last supporter pack
i'll never again buy a supporter pack before reading patch notes, never!
Pretty soon GGG will introduce using your auto attack as a way to generate mana like Diablo 3.


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