Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

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Or, you know, you could try those builds? Or any of the new poison skills. If you don't enjoy playing the game and trying new builds then why bother with PoE at all? That's kind its thing. If you want more of the same league after league Diablo 3 is probably what you're looking for. If you don't want the same thing league after league, but then complain when you don't get that "same thing" from last league that you really liked, well perhaps consider evaluating the conflict between what you think you want and what you actually want.

Maybe let people decide what to play instead of spoon feeding them with overbuffs and overnerfs?
You know what's gonna be nerfed in 3.9? Assassin's Mistwalker ascendancy - it's just straight up broken.
And deadeye, because they are buffing chain in this league and deadeye is already popular. So it must to be gutted in the next league.

Sorry, this was actually meant to be a reply (quote) to someone complaining they're only buffing two boring skills "Minions" and "Mines" to force people to play abilities that no one likes.
May all your rings be unique
MS is still ruined from what it was aoe wise an ease of play
"Before we release the full patch notes for Path of Exile: Blight tomorrow" TOMORROW! Where is the f*****g path notes? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Couple of interesting changes.

Definitely good to see y'all going away from baking a skill directly into an ascendancy.
That is crap balance

"The general philosophy is that mana sustain for spellcasters should be something a player has to think about and find some way to manage, similar to Accuracy for Attack characters. However, we don't want the solution to be a huge investment, and we've tried to provide a few different and interesting ways to sustain mana recovery."

So Clarity will be enough now? Because you did well in 3.7.0 with Precision.
Accuracy with Precision is lol now, so I expect you will buff Clarity, and pls like precision some spell critical chance also, tnx.

Like every league nerf nerf and more imbalances like necro class (LoL 3.9.0 will be necro nerf), instead fix. So after your nerfs we got again melee in deep shit, self casting same... but we will have good miners and summoners these league, Deja Vu. Did anyone else see a pattern is cycling?

So I can assume for good old false promises about balance you expect support for it?
Looks like someone have big opportunity in politics.
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Guild Interface updates when?!
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The general philosophy is that mana sustain for spellcasters should be something a player has to think about and find some way to manage, similar to Accuracy for Attack characters.

Stupid idea,you don't cost any accuary,but you would cost mana,are they equivalent?
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Natalia_GGG wrote:
Packs of monsters that spawn with Rare monsters now have a single shared modifier from the Rare

looking forward to fight a global "allies can't die" :-)

so its like it doesnt exist. They changed the mod so they cant buff each other :)

yep, if multiple rares have the mod, they don't affect each other. i was rather hinting on a potential bug :)

would be interesting to know which mode applies if there are multiple rare monsters.
We've also reduced the chance for a league mechanic that drops a random unique to drop a league-specific unique. This ended up being the most common source of league-specific uniques in some leagues!

So this does NOT affect the drop-chances of league-specific uniques in Zanas mods but, for example, the chances of a league-specific item dropping in, let's say, a legion-encounter? Lesser chance for a headhunter via legion, but not a lesser chance via nemesis (zana)? do i read this correctly?
The Sirus fight is a disgrace.

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