[3.12] Ice Dancing Queen - Icestorm/Cyclone/CI - Viable For Everything

Kyretheti wrote:
It is the most dissapointment build I ever tried. Extreamly weak damage with juicy bonus of 20fps-way play. Blight encounters are just unbeatble. Any summoner build can complete blight without towers (at least at white maps). This build can't complete it even with all towers you can afford. Maybe damage can be boosted around 80-90 lvl character but I can't lvl it up while I always have 20fps and even can't experience league mechanic. Such a waste of weekend.

The loss of frames is unfortunate, but extremely weak damage? This is one of the most powerful AoE builds I've ever played. It's melting everything instantly (level 76 atm).

It makes me wonder if low frames = less damage. I've heard of FPS affecting damage in other games. Could that be the case here?
The damage has never been an issue for me. Then again, I don't get the FPS hits some people are reporting here.
Lv 89 - 8400 ES, 2200 Int. Working on my end game gear, but the Path to Gucci is never easy. :-)
lvl 87 2423 int 7565 ES

Is it even possible for rings to have +55 Int and +# increased int corruption this season?

I haven't seen any rings that high yet...this is the best one I've got so far:

Just had my first 6L unique ever drop in the 4+ years I've been playing POE. I was salivating over the many exalts I would get until I checked the price:

35 Chaos...I spit on thee, Rngesus!!!
I have a +42/6% and a +46/5% (I can't figure out how to link items)
but +55's would help with my goal of 2500 int
I present to thee The Grand Gucci of Talismans:

Dear Astramentis: SUCK IT! :)
lilianmarius wrote:
ZiiimZooon wrote:
lilianmarius wrote:
And Uber Elder goes down as well, fight went unexpectedly well for being the first time when i do it with Cyclone setup, a bit of bad vortexes management and 1 death.

Spin_On_Ice vs Uber Elder

No Fortify, no Purity of Ice, you have to be careful :)

Congratulations, well done! How well would it go without the ES on hit jewel?

Depending on your knowledge of the fight and most important if you have good dodging skills, probably you can do it without. I am not so good at dodging and my PC is not so powerful and that's why sometimes some fights become a mess of lag :)

But you need decent ES so you can leech high numbers and also some sustained damage to shorten the fight and by this not to expose yourself to mistakes.

I'd say around 10K ES and above 2000 Intelligence can give you a big chance to do it with no problems.

Grats! :)

I'm a bit behind on gear (wish I had your budget!) but decided to give it a try anyway. And it worked fine with my 8755 ES and 2052 Int. Died as well, to my own mistake. Still, the mobility that Cyclone gives us makes this fight a whole lot easier.
SasoriOtoko wrote:
I present to thee The Grand Gucci of Talismans:

Dear Astramentis: SUCK IT! :)

Wow, that's a nice talisman! Grats!
airesettia wrote:
How much ES should I realistically have before taking CI? I think I have most of the nodes but trash ES gear so I'm only sitting at about 1.5k ES

1k ES is fine at lv 56-58, as you can see in the leveling video. Just follow the guide, and you can switch as soon as you take the ES leech nodes and ZO. Next after that are the ES nodes and more Int, so your ES gets up to 2k quickly. And you can do Merc Lab and Kitava with 2.5k ES quite easily, as long as you don't neglect the auras and Basalt flask.

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