[Xbox One] Path of Exile: Blight is Now Ready for Download

The Blight expansion on Xbox One is now ready for download. We're starting a countdown to bring the realm down. We expect downtime to be roughly 1 hour.

We're very sorry for all the inconvenience the delay has caused. Thank you so much for your patience!
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Grinding Gear Games
Well. Good to know, we are not forgotten
Hey, console certfication costs suck - better late than never. Looking forward to playing it.
Hell yeah
Better late then never right?
Have a great league everybody.....
Number 9 in queue. I am ready!
Just woke up to great news!
Well, I hope this Blight is interesting enough to keep me interested long enough to be interested, so it is actually interesting enough to get to reach higher Levels then 45 and 60 something before I put down my Controller, and taking a break for 2+ months till next League starts.
Well I just bought myself an xbox one S, and gonna play PoE on this now.
Will use my PC for other stuff :).
Is league still going on?
sure its pretty dead now since new leagues is 2 weeks away ;)
I'm sorry, is this saying that xboxone only got blight a week ago?

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