[Xbox One] Path of Exile: Blight is Now Ready for Download

Kundarin wrote:
Well, I hope this Blight is interesting enough to keep me interested long enough to be interested, so it is actually interesting enough to get to reach higher Levels then 45 and 60 something before I put down my Controller, and taking a break for 2+ months till next League starts.

I said this back then, and now it is only 1 week till next League starts.
And I am in fact still playing this League. I should have played it a bit more, but I WILL make some extra effort to get in some extra Levels and Challenges done. And yeah, I got higher Levels then 45 and 60 as well. I have 3 Characters already and the lowest one is Lvl 58, and the highest one so far is 78. And damn, that is not bad.
Can't enter the crystal vain so wtf can i do to progress

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