3.12 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

3.9 zombies still have more dps than 3.7 zombies not even counting the addition of the awakened minion damage gem. Every other minion kept their 3.8 buffs. Feeding Frenzy didn't even exist before patch 3.8. Overall 3.9 summoner is far, far stronger than 3.7 summoner. It was brought down just a little bit from where it was in patch 3.8 but it still absolutely wrecks what it was in 3.7 or before by a mile.
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What's a reasonable movement speed for this build? I was plodding along with a different spectre build at +17 move (+57 with flask). It was still bearable.

With nerfs, what will our movement speed be here with budget gear?
I want to say thank you for the updated build and also the updated leveling section. Awesome man! I wish you a nice league start and I pray to the RNG gods for you.
Can you maybe make PoB for ranger spectres build or ranger spectres and ranged golems? I always like to play ranged but this build looks really nice but still i prefer to play ranged xD

is it possible ? because if i only change gems i will lost buffs to skel but i would not get buf to spectre. can u make that yet?
Any thoughts on the shapeshifting gems? Bear/wolfmancer :)?Maiming for real
Why u changted ur tree in that weird way in 3.9 pob? Isnt it better to screw the right side hp/es hybrid and go straight for scion life and indomitable army?
Hi! i was wondering if using Geofri and Zealot's Oath, stacking some chaos resistance would be needed for some content (chayu, syndicate, some bosses...) - 40% chaos res without any life regen seems rippy.

Wish all a good start of the league tomorrow!
Hi guys,

I made seperate passives trees for the leveling section and added some notes in. It's the same Pob link from the guide but with several passive trees and a few notes for asc order and gems.


Also here is a very basic lootfilter for this build while leveling: http://filterblade.xyz/?profile=dhuber666&saveState=Zombies&platform=pc

Mainly it shows 3 and 4 links in our desired colors with a sound and bigger + other color. Also made a few "starter orbs" and wisdom scrolls slightly bigger.
Enjoy: http://filterblade.xyz/?profile=dhuber666&saveState=Zombies&platform=pc
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will this build be better than a SRS or a Golem build in 3.9 ?
Greetings dear sir brunowa. Great thanks for build update. I really like this build and it will be definitely my league starter. However I would like to ask a few questions.

1. Are you sure maim support will be better than minion damage support? Judging by the POB calcs DPS with minion damage should be higher.

2. Vulnerability has maim already, besides we can use flash and stone maim. Isn't maim on zombies look excessive?

3. What do you think about impale support on zombies?
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