[3.9] FREE Boss killing service (almost every boss) YOUR loot

[3.9] Metamorph softcore league EU realm

Bosses I can do:
Awakener any level
Uber Elder / Shaper / Elder
Shaper Guardians / Elder Guardians
Atziri / Uber Atziri
Hall of the Grandmasters
The Pale Council
Any other bosses pm me for info

ign: @Kabattor

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Last bumped on Aug 31, 2020, 11:43:38 AM
Great and fast kill i recommend him! All loot was mine.
smooth as f**k UElder carry, can only recommend.
Smooth great carry!
You can trust him, great and fast service !
ty nice carry
Great carry, fast af kill, got my loot, no issues
+rep carry got my loot
Reliable and safe +1 vouch
Fast and easy !

Highly recommended !

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