[3.9] FREE Boss killing service (almost every boss) YOUR loot

Great carry - I made a mistake but he went thru it like a pure gent! Recomended!
Nice,fast and easy. Recommended!
Helped me kill the last Elder Guardian & regular Elder. Would definitely recommend.
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Fast and honest carry! Recommend!
Great carry fast and effective, he was kind enough to refund my fragment set when he could not kill uber elder with the only few portal i had left. Have to be said that he was not able to do so only because he was playing in my realm with high ping.
Highly recommend.
it was a good deathless run from him i was kinda scared to do it myself even that i could because i am close to a lvl up recomment nice and freindly got all loot
What a great guy. Helpful, fast and honest.
Really nice carry, fast, reliable would recommend.
Great carry, fast at kill
3rd time he helps me - flawless yet again

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