[Harvest sc] Free Boss Carry - Sirus, Uber Elder, Simulacrum etc., can stream


I can help you kill most end-game bosses, feel free to ask

Free and all drops are yours

However, there are certain things I can't/won't do:
- Map mod with: "cannot Regenerate", "reflect % of elemental damage"
- Hall of Grandmasters, PvP scares me
- Aul, never met him
- No conditional boss kill

Stream: Everything can be streamed, just let me know before the fight
Server: If you can, relog and change to any U.S. servers

In Game Name: DicklessTheon
tft Discord: fartquake
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Last bumped on Aug 14, 2020, 4:47:05 PM
He killed red elder for me, easy run. :)
very well done thank you fast service
Killed Uber Elder for me. Very Neat
just killed Uber Elder for me. skillful and fast.
nice guy and good service :)
Killed uber elder, super polite, would recommend and use again +1
Best UBER kill ever.

Fast Fun.

Even price checking items for me!!!!

Call this guy here a Professor!

Job was done very quickly.

Thank you!
very kind, helpful and patience with noob like me
he was guiding me bit by bit thru uber lab.
definitely recommended for this HERO to help out whenever u r stuck with hard bosses!

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