[Harvest sc] Free Boss Carry - Sirus, Uber Elder, Simulacrum etc., can stream

killed wave 20 kosis for me. Dude had me over a barrel and he came in and killed him. +1
Insanely helpful, saved an Uber Elder fight for me and a friend. Highly recommend!!!!
quick sirus kill and left a stream link for me, ty
Killed Sirus Lv6 for me, ultra fast help and kill. Streamed the thing aswell.

Vouch and love <3
Awaken lvl 7 kill thank you!
Really nice and chilled, enjoiyed Simulacrum Wave 20 Carry in the End!-)

Trading DpS with Monsters for Loot will ever best Ratio!-)
Sitting in Town, flipping Items until all Gear is biS,
and get fastly bored from running Maps instead of grinding Upgrades is no Resolution!
Did Sirus 8. Friendly and reliable. 10/10 would recommend.
fast a7 sirius! highly recommend this guy
Carried my sirus a8. +1000! :)

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