[3.12] HC/SC/SSF All Content Miner - Any Mine Skill - LL/CI - 12k ES w/ Videos!

For people playing the build: how is the survivability on Heists?

It aint ideal. I have basically resorted to playing lvl 80+ heists as Deep Delve, its obviously not quite as extreme but I regularly get instagibbed if I‘m not careful. I‘m sure with better gear this is gonna become less of an issue but right now thats all I got.
BeerLeague wrote:
They are nodes "reduced mana reserve", checkout on PoB with search function.

On another note, I don't understand why Charged Mines Support is not picked over concentrated effect (or w/e other supports) for GC. Seems very powerful... but that's my first miner so I must be missing something.

Damage multiplier on charged mines is crap. Much better with another support.

Did the math for Charged Mines Support and the results are interesting, seems to be about a 45% more multiplier (using my character's current crit chance of 28.5%), assuming 3 frenzy and power charges.

The GC pastebin has 39% increased mine throw speed. Charged mines gives 30% inc throw speed.
30 / 139 = 21.6% more throw speed
12% more damage from 3 frenzy charges.

PoB puts the 75% increased crit chance at about 7% more damage, and that is without the extra scaling of a diamond flask.

1.216 * 1.12 * 1.07 = 45.7% more damage.

With that said I'm going to test it out and see how it feels.
I think most of us who started with miners this league didn't pick it up due to its survivability pros... I wont even bother with Heists till I get 90's.. Seems like I am gonna need a lot of investment to my gear to try em without any fears of dcs and deaths..
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Hey guys,

I've been playing around with BL for a day or two. To me it feels way better than GC (might have to do with my gear but I'm clearing yellow maps with ease and I just transitioned to CI.

At 3.8k ES. Posting my gear below. (also got a shavs but still need to link it, I'll update once I get it going)

Heists are abit rippy, but with some care it's manageable.


edit: Thanks OP for a real strong build these past leagues.
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for which weapon stats should i watch out to do white / yellow map farming?
I'm interested into charged mines try, please let us know @Pongly !

I was advice by someone of my guild to use Wave of conviction with a "trigger socketed spell" craft. Would it be a good idea, given i don't care about the portal gem, to move the Weapon1 setup (Blood magic - clarity - precision) into the gloves (golem on 4th slot), and have Wave of Conviction socketed in Weapon 1 along Immortal Call and Cast When damage taken ?
Finally killed Sirus after a horrendous League Start, now finally starting to farm red maps,

Gotta say, BL Damage on a 5 link feels more than fine on a 5 link, time to work on upgrades now, my choices are (as I see it), would appreciate some tips on what to prioritize:

1: Enchanted Helmet
2: Machina Mitts
3: 6 Link the Shavs
4: Watcher's Eye
5: Aspect of the Spider on Belt
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Camaron wrote:
So now that heist is live, which is the best skill to use on mines? for end game content, clearing and bossing

BL is still the best
leafyr0kr wrote:
For people playing the build: how is the survivability on Heists?

I'm playing another LL build and I'm getting my shit wrecked HARD, which is making me have second thoughts about the chosen build. Since I'm an old fan of the GC mines playstyle, I wanted to know if it's just me or everyone's getting owned by Heist stuff.

Heist is super overtuned, but mines work pretty well as you can do all of your damage through the doors.
swaes wrote:
For lowlife ball lightning, on the shav what is the ideal link for it? I see somepeople split between High-impact mine and Blastchain mine. Also is it better to swap out swift assembly for insipiration?

High impact is better and no, swift assembly is the 3rd best damage link in the setup.

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