[3.11] PF Poison Triple Rain of Arrow Kineticism |All bosses|All map mods|3-5M DPS

Nehpetsah wrote:
Some good thoughts. I hadn't even considered Divine Flesh. Definitely will think about converting to it as a possibility at the least and how well the build can survive by supporting the jewel.

As far as I am aware, the -#% chaos resistance mod is still a Delve fossil mod (abberrant I think), with no limitations, whilst now also being a Hunter suffix limited to ilvl 85+, so I feel like if you have a little bit of investment, you could grab a half-decent fossil-spammed saucepan for your head, but later on you can burn a few exalts worth into a shiny hunter crown, especially in the new Crafts'R'Us league.

Luckily for this league, too, is that there is a craft option to upgrade a max level curse on hit into an awakened curse on hit (1 in 10 chance), so you basically just carry around a weapon swap full of curse on hit until you woke for almost no cost, apart from the opportunity cost of the rare seed itself.

I really like what you're doing with this, so thanks for the input.

5% chance to awaken a gem, thats 1 out of 20

And yea, you cant use fossil anymore, it has to be a high lvl elder base for the helm mod

Tsuum wrote:
are you going to update the build guide? :DD

Bascially theres no changes coming into 3.11, we arent affected by anything whatsoever
My Builds/Stream

In the guide you mentioned to use the unique cluster jewel that gives kineticism but its not in the pob.
Pretty fun and also can kill bosses.
Very good in delve offscreen kill almost all.
current gears:

Plan to use The Siege jewel when i get few points more.
Amulet and ring wait that i get remove defence mod in garden.prob add some chaos dmg mods
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Prolly finished gearing,now only hunt skill points.
Works really great,good survivality when flask are up.

can this build be done Solo Self Found?
can this build be done Solo Self Found?

Maybe but finding/crafting needed items may take long time.
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