[PS4] 3.8.2b Patch Notes

Still no performance/stability updates then....

Honestly that's the worst costumer care i've ever seen from a developer...
Ever since the this patch was released, performance went from decent to absolutely abysmal. Because I am an awful human being I have recorded each time I god a bluescreen while playing PoE on my PS4. The data shows that since that patch I crashed more times than since start of blight until that patch combined.

I am not sure what GGG screwed up but I really really hope they will fix it by the start of the next league because the game is technically unplayable. Maybe its good for leveling but mapping and end-game stuff - enjoy your deaths and blue-screens every 20 minutes or less.
Still no performance/stability updates then.....

Its unplayable on PS4.

The game crashes every few minutes. Tried all: Reinitializing PS4, reinstall game after every patch. Why is the stability not first priority? No other game i own ever crashed but poe.
When is the PS4 gonna get the sanctum/damnation support packs?

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