Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

This awesome news :) well done GGG
i kinda expected this would happen, soo i spent what little time i had this league buying up oils to make my standard life easier.

feels like christmas is comming with how high oils will spike in price :D
Fracture333 wrote:
i couldnt complete blue blighted maps t11 and above with 2 mill dps build, and now they increase the diccifulty?
i guess i ll just skip blight encounters, luckily they are not intrusive so that is an option, i quit this league on the 4th or 5th week due to blight league being extremely bad idiotic 1 shot league. The only plus side was the reward system, but that is it, every time i saw a blight i was like oh shit, not this bs again....

I feel the same way about Blight. The problem to me isn't the rewards, those are fine, it's the mechanic itself that is the issue. They've note even fixed the issues we found in 3.8. If you want to integrate it, at least address those issues talked about below so people who are going YAY don't get their view obstructed by much unless they choose to view.

1) Spawn points that are basically right next to the pump. RIP

2) The UI not working properly half the time for upgrading/building towers.

3) Random spawning with fixed spots for towers so you basically can get wrecked depending on where things spawn which means you can't really afford to build towers until the encounter starts.

4) The selection itself is yet another problem even if it was working correctly. It's clunky and apparently you have to take some time away from killing mobs to go and set up the towers. Meanwhile, the enemies just keep advancing.

5) Random positioning of tower spots can totally wreck you if you have a 7 way split. There's not much you can do to protect the pump.

6) The encounters are apparently going to go up in difficulty which feels ridiculous for non necro builds. They're not easy to pull off. If you're melee how exactly are you going to make this work. If a unique boss or flame dude nukes the pump there is very little you can even do to stop it.

Please consider the reasons above before choosing to integrate blight so soon. There's no need to rush it, we can hold off for another league while these points are addressed.
I like this ... so long as it comes with adjusted oil drop rates. Buying items from trade instead of finding them yourself should be AN option, but there are already too many things where it's the only reasonable option.
3 months too late lol
people will find more blighted maps in 3.9 than in the actual blight league, hilarious
time to spread the oil bois
Sounds good, I`m happy blight goes core.
i hope this means there wont be any blight related challenges in metamorph then? i can deal with having to wait for blight on console - especially if it means yall address performance issues - but if i cant complete a challenge bc its not on console ill be really disappointed
give elementalist her prolif back... it was all she had left
Oh goody. Another baloney mechanic to skip with extreme prejudice, if I ever see it.

Well, at least I have a glowing puffball for a head for my trouble.
i am getting a blight map drop rate of less than 1 in 300 maps.

why even have them if you do not want players to do blight maps ?

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