Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

Nice to see the annointing system is getting implemented in the core of the game. However, is mirrored items still going to be impossible to annoint?

If thats the case, you a realy leaving alot of the players in std behind. I cannot quite understand why it should be impossible to annoint a mirrored item.

Lets say you recently have bought a mirrored amulet, for the cost of 1 mirror orb + 90 exalted orb. You now have "the best amulet in the game". You HAD the best amulet. The new "best amulet in the game" would be the SAME amulet with a annoint on (if its possible to mirror a annointed amulet?)

Whats the real purpose of making it impossible to annoint your "BiS" mirrored amulet?
For Corrupted items, I can sort of understand why its not possible. But for a mirrored item. why? Are you guys not caring about std at all? It realy just feels like being punished for buying a mirrored "BiS" amulet in the first place. Like i wasted my mirror orb + 90 exa fee.
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oh and it looks you still havent fixed the portals spawning too close or on top of the pumps either from what I'm reading?

2 months and half you had to fix it (you said you did fix it in 2-3 "patches") but it's still not fixed and you attempt to "increase difficulty" huh?

how people don't see this shit? now I'm guessing you havent figured out what causes 3.8 memory leak that somehow was fixed in 3.7? come on tencentggg give me a solid here despite all the content to chew broken performance and bad leagues into core is not gonna help the game in the long road..

first fix the core issues with something you created then maybe re think making it core like you did with synthesis bosses.
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This leagues Meta was Necromancer/Miner which if you played and encountered Blight and Blight maps had no issues what so ever

Blight going core is great but some of the issues I have noticed are melee builds still get massive disadvantages when protecting the Core Pump. If you aren't dropping Stone Gaze into Chill towers on every encounter Blight Bosses and Creatures just walk past a Melee character when standing directly in the pathway of whatever is coming towards you.

My duelist could stand ontop of the pathway and block the Blight bosses, monsters all the time. When I made my Shadow they would walk past his character model :/

Opalescent, Silver and Gold oils going more rare is disappointing as they were already extremely rare as I found 12 Opal, 7 Silver and 3 Gold oils over the 3 months, Where as I found 60 Maps mostly red t13+

A lot of the time map quantity/quality DID NOT effect oil drop rate or rarity across blight encounters.

They did have in Blight maps as Teal,Crimson and Violet oils would Buff this

Most of the time it was not that great to run Blight as Melee but anything else it was always worth it.
A bit disappointing that this is all you are doing. I would have liked Cassia to become a master and give her something like a separate blighted atlas to progress through.
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Disappointing outcome. The Blight encounter, and Blighted maps in particular have very bad performance issues due to the insane amount of mobs generated at once in addition to all of the turrets firing at the same time as well.

I feel like this League could have been revised before being launched, and GGG should definitely take the opportunity to do this now instead of directly implementing it as is.
This is a yikes. The blight core mechanic doesn't work, it's too slow and taking too much time. You should rather make her a master and have her have missions for blight instead.
Can we also get a buff to the Blight uniques? I finished the Endgam Grind for Blighted Maps and saw not a single one of the Blight uniques, most of which were worthless to begin with.
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cool, i enjoyed blight a great deal :)
I'm glad to hear this! Really enjoyed the league
don't you like blight? you can skip it like i do with legion(specially on HC), it's very easy...
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