Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

Very pleased Blight is added in some way, be it small to the core game

I do hope that later we will be able to gain favor pts for Cassia and get hideout items from her :)
Thank goodness it's not gone, I've only done 3 blighted maps and all of em had massive internet lag issues for me, could have been on my side but really wanted to try again next league so if it was removed I would have been pretty sour about it.
What I really like is that if you choose to do blight you can. If you choose not to you don't have to. You can't run over Cassia like a breach. So if you don't like or want to do blight for some reason you don't have to. For those of us that enjoyed blight league really happy it's being put into core. Being able to anoint amulets with passives is great. Being able to have another option in blight maps is also great.
Really happy to see blight being integrated, love me some TD!
ouch, no oils till maps means the first character cannot benefit from the simple +30 stat mod :(
synthesis league is death forever ?
Will oils and blighted maps be added to Legion loot and cartographer boxes respectively?
Oh, the weary traveler draws close to the end of the path...
Tbh wouldn't really have missed the blight mechanics if it wasn't integrated into the core game in 3.9.

Anointing stuff is cool and all, but with a even more limited supply of oils because of the chance encounter, it begs the question of whether it is really worth the trouble beyond the couple of golden oil anointment. While I like having the option to min-max, it's an utterly pointless addition for those who do not min-max or have no need for what they want to achieve.

It will end up being like the Legion integration. Encounters are so sparse and splinters are so rare that only those with a lot of time and a lot of luck will end up engaging with the actual mechanics themselves. Other players will just laugh at their dozens of splinters at the end of the league. In 3.9, they will also get to laugh at their stack of sepia oil at the end of the league.

Speaking of which, the watered-down Timeless Domain is really underwhelming - will Blighted maps go the same way?

If possible, please make it a counter that you can use later like the 'daily' system rather than a forced immediate spawn. I love blight, but any mechanic other than the current league mechanic that randomly shows up and forces you to stop whatever you were trying to accomplish and instead have to do something else (or be punished by missing a reward) feels bad to play. People don't like being interrupted and feeling as if the game is playing them, even if there are rewards.

The new master 'daily' system with the counters turned all that around and made all of that content fun again. Let's do the same with Blight!
They are gonna completely gut blight drop rewards. It's gonna become just as useless as the other leagues they've merged into the core game. Getting tired of this. They gut drop rates in other parts of the game and push in yet another bs thing you have to do.

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