Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

YES! Guaranteed blighted maps! Amazing!!
Will there be Blight Master Mission? (Would be very nice if yes).
IGN: Snowblaze
i upvote for only blighted map drops. but spawn blight on my maps. noo f nooo. i tryed blight for week and i stoped because that sucks hard just way too slow and not rewarding. now you guys put this shit to core game,

making shity leagues must be a talent, could you atleast make standard server full so i dont need to look or wait shity leagues.

Yeah, sure, let's ram all the crap into one game to make it even more inconsistent in terms of balance and performance!

And if you think The Blight was easy, try doing a five branch blight with viper strike or fireball skills, not with a summoner or glacial cascade totems.
If you, GGG, add the content to the game that you deem relevant, then remove the content that becomes irrelevant because of the update you make: remove all single target/low aoe skills.
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BLIGHT is build restricted especially HIGH TIER BLIGHTED MAP.. So we need to make a build for that again? PASS.. I'm going to skip it I guess, just going to buy oils for annoint.
In case it hasn't already been said:



...and if it's already been said, then apologies for being late to the party with only a half six-pack of store brand.
These are really good changes. I really hope it isn't a clear oil every time though :)
rrurrer01 wrote:
I was expecting the TETRIS challenge inside the POE - but ok, may be next league after metamorph )

well put!
Integrating Bloat into core Path of Exile would be more accurate at this point.
i would love to do blight quest too
RubySydell wrote:
Integrating Bloat into core Path of Exile would be more accurate at this point.

You can literally walk by and never do a bit of blight content ever. Theres no master, no questline, it's just like essences or strongboxes.

Calling it bloat is overstating it. Its optional additional content that you can bypass, or pursue at your pleasure.
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