Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile, I really should have checked the website before I dug so deep into my currency tab to buy Golden Oils -.-


Moethelion wrote:
Golden Oil > Mirror confirmed

...or maybe not.
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Good :) I like Blight and am glad that it will be going core.
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Rothulean wrote:
This is honestly close to what you guys should have done while the league was more active. One of the (many) problems with this league was being unable to find Blighted Maps. =(

This was NOTHING like Legion in that regard.

IIRC I earned a total of 15 min in the Domain over that league. Played a bit more this league but less than twice as much as I did in Legion, and have earned 35 or 40 blighted maps.


Blight scarabs should exist, and a blight should be added to the Temple Poison room, to mirror Legion integration somewhat. Even if this can't be done immediately due to time.
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Awesome. I'm excited for it to work on console!
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Blight haters, you can stop moaning and easily skip encounter

I personally love that blight is going in core game
Dedisdead wrote:
With much more rare oils I don't see the amulet enchantement still being accessible. Even if grabbing a keystone for free is insanely strong I guess it would be great to keep that option viable. But maybe the amulet enchant will remain accessible not that hardly and I'll be wrong, I have to admit that it's kinda hard to guess right now.

i dont get it either, only 10% chance AND rarer oil drops? like wtf?
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Eexpers wrote:
I hated blight so much that and synthesis are the only leagues I didn't play beyond early late game. I cannot stand mechanics that are so counter to core arpg gameplay.

I am amazed the team was able to create a tower defense minigame inside the engine but I just don't feel like it belongs. Feels it was done just to do... what's next... a city builder inside poe? a card game every map?

stick to arpg

I suppose 10% is low enough but that's still just a regular map +10% of the time cause i'm never touching the system.

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xVINCEREx wrote:
Nice, the absolute worst league gone core. Thank you for nothing.

Rude much?
Thank you!

This is why PoE doesn't get boring.

Blight is a great mechanic with unique gameplay that I welcome to the endgame mix.

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