Sarn Arena Training Grounds

Just another suggestion/idea for Sarn Arena, to get new players more involved with it why not introduce it in a way that doesn't thrust you directly into the heat of battle? Here is an example image I made that illustrates one idea that could help ease players into this PvP setting without them worrying about dying right off the bat.

It turns the middle part of Sarn Arena into a safe zone so players can talk/watch and participate whenever they feel like it by just stepping out into the ring.

(Yes I know this has some potential for abuse with summons or walking in and out of the safe zone but perhaps this can be remedied with zone locking and/or disabling mechanics.)
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Never been a fan of the Hill shrine in sarn, wouldn t mind it to get erased .
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first thing first, let s have access to sarn from our HO pls, just give eihnar the option or something
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