[3.12] Wallach's Hierophant Freezing Pulse Totems (Soul Mantle Nerf Being Un-Nerfed Soon)

NoImagination wrote:
br0kns0l2 wrote:
WHy's Soul Shroud so expensive!?

Is the build able to farm up that much before switching to Freezing pulse?

Soul Mantle?

I got the starting gear by about level 55 on day one, which included finding a couple of humility cards on blood aqueduct. Kikazaru were just as much as Soul Mantle at that point I think.


So 6c a couple of hours into the server can be a bit of a stretch, but it's trivial at this stage.

Yeah, I was looking at trade just now. The 6 links are 4 ex+.
br0kns0l2 wrote:
Yeah, I was looking at trade just now. The 6 links are 4 ex+.

Then make your own - you can get > 6 fuses per chaos right now, so that's < 250c by recipe, and cheaper on average by just clicking link a lot. Bonus - you can sell other six linked Mantles for profit.

If your original question was 'can we farm enough to get a 6 link, from scratch, by level 49' then the answer is that we, and every other build in the game, cannot :)
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For now, it seems that faster cast is better overall as an att in FP.

Wish i could roll max mana regen on this helmet, but my rng in this league is shit, so i gotta wait a bit:

Got tons of stuff to change still, but it seems 1kk in base wont be as big problem as i thought. For now, only real obstactle is to get opperino gloves with cast speed and 60 dex. Possible ill get to it, but chances r low.

Overall, id say im happy bout build. My anus still hurt, thinking bout full ES tho.
Hey guys, mod "chance to Unnerve enemies for 4 seconds on hit" on hunter gloves work with totems hits, or only with hero hits? sry if i missed it somewhere

So I finally got that one, how do I go on no?

reroll harvest crafts for t1 crit multi
then benchcraft spelldamage

and then for the last mod? Just aug crit and hop for t1 spell crit chance? what do i do if that fails?

or is it better to craft cannot roll attack mods
harvest craft projectile speed
craft spell dmg
harvest craft crit multi

PS: it has a free prefix, the chaos damage is together with cast speed
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What implicit is better for Soul Mantle: "+2 to projectile gems" or "+1 to all gems"?
i can only see 1 valid first snow socket in the tree, near templar starting position, where is the other one ?
Hi Wallach,

thanks for the build guide. It's a really fun and strong build.

The build can deal with pretty much everything, except that I have tremendous problems with Aul. Is there a strategy to beat Aul with this build reliably?

Same shit, as all bosses, but with totem.

No idea what to say, just... kill him lol.

fryderyknicze wrote:
Same shit, as all bosses, but with totem.

No idea what to say, just... kill him lol.

If you have killed him with this build, then maybe you can provide some better pointers then just a lol... Doesn't really help, you know?

If it were exactly the same as with other builds, I would not have asked.

Problem is all the ice pods gets opened for me with this build for some reason. That makes the fight much harder. Probably I'm doing something wrong, but I use the same strategy as with other builds, make his charges not hit the pods etc.

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