[3.12] Wallach's Hierophant Freezing Pulse Totems (Soul Mantle Hotfixed)

Totalogy, you can bench craft the colors still. For example, use the craft "at least two green sockets" and roll that until you have 3g and 3b.

Also, message me in the game (@FeelinHeisty), I'll give you a wand, we'll see if it increases your dps.

I had a question, and I apologize if this has been answered already. With the crashing currency economy in the game, is this making it much more possible to run the build with high end gear? I was just wondering how it's affecting the prices of our required high end gear?

Any tips for my Heist character "Daavds" - what should i upgrade? :D
Mentoya wrote:
I had a question, and I apologize if this has been answered already. With the crashing currency economy in the game, is this making it much more possible to run the build with high end gear? I was just wondering how it's affecting the prices of our required high end gear?


Actually, I just looked. It's going to cost hardly any currency at all as compared to before, so there should be no excuse for everyone who runs this build to take it to the highest gear level, meaning you should be able to clear ALL end game content without any problem....
Hello, thank you for this guide, it's been fun so far.
Can I get some advice on how to increase my survivability in heist as well as maps, and also any tips on increasing damage?

Thank you

### EDIT
Figured it out. You just need another Medium Cluster Jewel :)

old message below

sorry if this has been asked before, couldn't find an answer:

When switching from Sanctum of Thought to Pain Attunement that's 4 skill points. 1 goes into Pain Attunement.
Which Jewel Slot does the Watcher's Eye go into? (Can't find one reachable within 3 skill points).

Thank you for your help!
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Hey everyone,

Just want to add my personal thoughts about this build. Hopefully for those who are considering whether you should give totem builds a go or simply look for a league start/all content build, this will help you in some way.

I've played this build excessively since launch of Heist. Soul mantle nerf was a disaster because I didn't know that until I got to maps. Tried to switch to self cast Ice Nova but didn't like it. Just when I was about to level up a new character soul mantle hotfixed so I sticked with this build since then.

This guide provided an awesome progression path from leveling to early/mid/end game (Thank you Wallach and everyone who's been discussing in this post). I've invested around 40-50 ex to where I am at now. For those who think this is a big investment this is not. At league start, the most expensive item I purchased is a clear mind which cost me around 10c (yes 10c). For all the other gears I just focus on life/mana, resistance and non of them were more than 5c. An incursion weapon should be also 1c but I was lucky so I got a slightly better one to start with.

So with minimum investment I started maps, at this stage my only focus was to get Pandemonius first then buying/saving currency on Atziri's Reflection. The pandemonius was fine as long as you don't expect to farm 3.5 ex on the first day of a league. With a bit of patience I got it when I started doing T9-11 maps. The shield however, requires a bit more. Chaos recipe,selling stuff you will get it.

Although I started to crush the game content even before I switched to Reflection/essence worm setup, I highly recommend dump everything you've got on getting a Reflection first anyway. As soon as you got the shield and coward's legacy(this one is interesting to note, it was cheap af at the first few days - 10c when I bought them, then when I got my Reflection it went up to 90c), you can start to min/max your build. The progression is so smooth - more life/mana - cheap cluster jewel (prob get them before Reflection) - cheap watcher's eye - medium/high budget jewel. I don't even feel the breakpoint where I can crush A8 - everything just happened so smoothly. Btw non of the rares upgrade cost me more than 30c per piece except an ilv85 helmet base with enchant(30%). It's a QOL you could always go for 20% at lower ilv for less cost.

That was the cost and progression for this build when I played. In terms of play style, it suits very much well with heist mechanics. For maps, it's not a coc ice nova or blade vortex or zoo build - you have to place your totems. But you will get used to it. You don't have to target enemies plus everything will be frozen.You are pretty safe. With projectile speed, freezing pulse travel further and most monsters died before you see them.

I don't expect my build to one-sec-phase Sirus. This is a powerful league start viable build with smooth progression. For conquerors I was able to kill them before they doing any special moves (Drox goes into his turtle shield I kill him while he's hiding like a coward anyway).

League is done to me cause I play league for challenges. Might experiment with some other builds to prepare for the next league. But yeah I really didn't expect a league start build to carry me this hard so I don't even have to go for other builds to farm end game grindings (rip 750 heists - DON'T do it, just go for level 100 or 500 lab chests).
Played a whole bunch and got to lvl100. Tunnels and repositories contracts are great xp with no investment and almost 0 risk, 99-100 in ~10hrs at a moderate pace.

I prefer a quartz flask on everything except when kill bosses, feels a lot smoother going from pack to pack without getting bumped around by the mobs. I also prefer a hybrid flask to a life flask, it comes in handy after tanking a few hits and mana goes to zero.

Try to get as much damage as possible with the funds I had after finish leveling. A rough estimate for the build is about 60ex with the +1 mantle and awakened hextouch(still leveling it to 5 so I can use it) being the most expensive items.

Damage is 6.2m, 6.8m once i can add in ele weakness.
3.4k life, l.2k es, 2.1k unreserved mana.
chaos res is completely busted at -48%%.

Game play doesn't feel any different with everything just freezing and dying.
Damage 6.2m per totem?
If so that's nuts.
Thanks Wallach for the awesome build! Currently working through endgame and loving it. A couple questions for the masses here:

1) Any reason why we don't try to get spell totem boots? It essentially makes our frost bomb a 5-link. I put faster casting in to get more bomb drops. See my boots in my profile for example.

2) Any love for Anomalous Arctic armour? It ends up reserving ~50% of Mana, but I feel significantly less squishy with it on. Drop ele prolif support for extra freezes as well. I guess I tend to play a bit quick/reckless and it seems to keep me alive.

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