[3.12] Wallach's Hierophant Freezing Pulse Totems (Soul Mantle Hotfixed)

Viktranka wrote:
DrHarvey12 wrote:
I've been finding the Metamorphs quite rippy this league so I'm going to give this build a go - hopefully if I can perma-freeze them they'll be a lot easier to handle.
Did they finally fix the bug where they couldn't be frozen?

Not yet. A nice thought though.
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Not to be "that guy", but I'm selling a head you guys will be interested in.

Listed for 3ex, hit me up in game and I'll let it go for 2.5.
Hi there,

Is there any reason why increased crit damage support is not recommended in the six-link? When I look in POB it provides more damage than added cold?
And then we can also avoid the annoying 3g roll on the sockets.

At least until we can afford awakened added cold, or am I missing something here?
I crafted today this wand. Is it good enough for multimode or sell it and craft another?

What mode to go with multi (have 1 pre and 1 suff after multimode)
Hi guys. This is my third build for Metamorph league, and by far and away the best I've played so far. Surprisingly amazing clearspeed while still doing very good single target damage, and has the balance to do so with relative safety - defence in distance, I say.

After buying some endgame gear (currently at just over 30ex on build), I am satisfied and will be selling everything soon. Will post here when I do, but essentially it's a complete set for this build's endgame, minus Watcher's Eye (might buy that soonish if still playing this build).

Thanks Wallach, really well put together!
To help improve your single-target damage against bosses, I also recommend picking up a Holy Flame Totem gem by taking a detour to the Fetid Pool (connected to the Mud Flats) and doing the Dirty Job quest to clear out the entire Fetid Pool of monsters. Afterwards you'll be able to select this gem as a reward

The Fetid Pool quest only gives respec points, you get Holy Flame Totem from Breaking Some Eggs, no need to do A Dirty Job.
kkskssk wrote:
I crafted today this wand. Is it good enough for multimode or sell it and craft another?

What mode to go with multi (have 1 pre and 1 suff after multimode)

Not really - you want something that has every slot filled with something either as good or better than the craft bench. I.e. something like

Which I'll be multimodding as soon as I get my reflection.

Incidentally, you may want to update the OP with the new redeemer necklace mods - +1 to cold skill gems is nuts DPS

Picked up that for ~1.8ex, will also be getting multimodded with life and projectile damage/speed when currency allows.
I´m very happy with the build and I´m very close to buy my prophecy in order to upgrade my Atziri's Mirror but now I´m facing the issue that I froze bosses and they get bugged resulting that I can´t kill them.

This is very annoying to me and I´m thinking to just go other build. Can you give me any advice against this issue?

Thanks in advance.
Hi guys,

I'm here to ask for help. I got a late start to the league so I'm trying to progress through, and I'm having a devil of time with red maps/bosses. POB shows me as 100k shaper dps, which is fairly awful.

This is my gear:

My tree is following Wallach's recommendations, and my gem links are the 'early game' setup since there's no way in hell I can afford awakened gems yet. I just finally got my 6 link soul mantle.

I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong. I see how everyone else had such a great experience, but this has not been a great league starter for me. I would really appreciate some advice.

Hello, I just turned 60 and switched over to totems. It took me a bit to get my equipment straightened out, but I think that I have it correct.

Can someone take a look and see if I have made any obvious mistakes?

I know that I have work to do with the flasks and my wands and equipment are nothing to write home about, but I did the best with what chaos I had. I have my resistances capped and have some life (2800) and mana (1500), which seems to be useable at this level with MoM.

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