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Abandoned Space NO MTX(Celestial Hideout)

This is a simplified Celestial hideout for those people that wants a practical easy to navigate hideout while still maintaining a little pazzas. All atlas mission giver are in the middle of the hide out near the map device. Theres also a little garden on the side for those who wants to meditate. Anyways hope u guys like it this is my first sub.

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Is there a list of decorations we should buy before importing ?
damn very nice
Thanks not that bad actually not the amazing one but i will use it
no MTX...

1st --> buy Celestial HO in MTX shop ...


" You... managed to catch the fish i wanted? Congratulations! Let´s keep this a secret between the two of us, shall we? In the meantime, take this. It should be useful in the future." - Krillson, the 8th Master.
Grinding Gear & Gems
typ3r wrote:

no MTX...

1st --> buy Celestial HO in MTX shop ...



Celestial hideout is from shaper. Celestial Nebula is from MTX shop ^_^
thanks alot man, this is my first imported HO and I love your creation.

the only thing I didn't get is "doodads",.. well nevermind.

I will cherrish it.


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