[PS4] 3.8.2d Patch Notes

3.8.2d Patch Notes:

  • Added support for the Damnation and Sanctum Supporter Packs. These will become available alongside the launch of 3.9.0.
  • Fixed a bug where players were shown an option to Migrate to base League after a league had ended but before character migration had occurred.
Last bumped on Dec 14, 2019, 3:10:41 PM
Still no performance/stability updates then.....
Still no performance/stability updates then.....
Another supporter pack added. Gj GGG!
Thanks for nothing.
Never really gave poe a good shot until this late into this league playing on my ps4. As much as I enjoy the game it's quite disappointing that blighted maps feel virtually impossible due to low performance, and constant rubberbanding in delve makes me feel dissuaded to continue playing. Not to mention the frequent crashes. Of course I will give the new league a go but for a game that has just announced a mobile port, I feel there is a lot of work to be done in terms of performance and stability.
Chat and guilds when?

Blight and anoints for core for console when?

Stability when?

Advertise and promote your game to bring back players you lost bc you fail to develop the game properly when?

Might as well release this on ps3 if your BS excuse is you released a ten year old coded game onto current gen hardware and it’s not good enough? Maybe your code is crap?

Or maybe GGG is completely dumb to release a game on platform that can’t handle their GOD almighty Uber mega code that they designed ten years ago and never optimized
GGG: Lets release the game on ps4...
Everyone:yes we'd love that

Fuggels_69 wrote:
GGG: Lets release the game on ps4...
Everyone:yes we'd love that


Just another platform for them to release on and abandon and not support
After mobile let’s do POE on switch ! And poe stadia!
After reading the design manifesto, I think this is the final nail in the coffin that is PoE on console. While I feel the multimod nerf is entirely justified (on PC) it is going to cripple console progression because the pool of well rolled rares are slim to none.

Then add to the fact that GGG has been radio silent on the optimzation of the game thats 9 months old on PS4 and even longer on Xbox One. It would be nice if you, GGG, would simply ADDRESS OUR CONCERNS! There is NO EXCUSE for having to mute sound effects in order to keep the game from crashing every hour. What’s the plan to address this one of many issues? Timeframe? Do you even care? At this point, I think we all know the answer...

Here’s the thing, for all the bastardizing that goes on about Diablo 3 on this board, at least when it hit consoles Blizzard constantly improved the game to the point that now content is literally the same as its PC counterpart. They said consoles would never have seasons; yet due to demand, they found a way to make it happen. PoE, on the other hand, will be going the opposite direction by omitting content from the console version in one week’s time. What does that say about your game, GGG? What faith do we, your fanbase, have in the game’s future on console?

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!! Literally any other game developer would be lambasted for the state of this game and the lack of communication with their customers. It’s time to man up. I for one won’t be sending you a dime until you at the very least offer communication with us. I encourage all other console users to do the same.
GGG Chris and the gang are you that cowardly to admit you have no fix for stability on console because the game is designed to run on high performance Pc. We take the time to look at the patch notes and all we see is supporter pack crap.. You think that little of your fans.. I aint buying nothing and have not for a while till we get some answers.. Speak to your community..

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