[3.12] Power Siphon/Kinetic Blast Poison Assassin - Very fast and tanky poison wander

Hello and welcome to another poison guide from me. So, I wanted to convince myself to actually like wanders after the nerfs for quite a while, but they weren't in really good place. But now they finally are thanks to Barrage Support which is pretty damn good with Power Siphon. Thanks to this the build has very high hit rate, and what scales really well from very high hit rate? Poison Assassin. So let's have some fun :)



25th October 2020
- Gem progression section is now colored based on gem type
- Cleaned up gem progression section
- Added acts and quests to gem progression section

14th October 2020
- Added strength stacking version (Alberon's Warpath)
- Reworked crafting section
- Added build variations section
- Reworked navigating through pob section
- Updated configuring pob for your own character section

27th September 2020
- Replaced Wither totems with Anomalous Withering Step for wither stack generation (and also Eternal Suffering from cluster jewels)
- Added back Plague Bearer to the build (now linked with Enhance and Increased Area of Effect)
- Replaced Large cluster jewel with Chaos large cluster for some extra skill effect duration and reliable damage (with Uholy Might)
- 1 medium jewel now has Eternal Suffering to get remaining wither stacks
- Added back LGoH and MGoH ring and jewel
- Added Anomalous Blood Rage for Frenzy generation (huge DPS boost)

16th Septermber 2020
- Updated tree for 3.12
- Updated leveling section and tree to reflect spellslinger nerf

25th August 2020
- Reworked leveling section (now we use Bladefall + Bladeblast spellslinger and Ethereal Knives before that)

1st August 2020
- Cluster Jewel tree is now pathing to Pain Attunement instead of pathing to Golem's Blood. This means a lot easier gearing because we get a lot of intelligence from this pathing (and also a lot of damage)
- Updated leveling gear section
- Updated End Game Optimization section with clear speed stuff

31th July 2020
- Replaced Cinderswallow Urn with Dying Sun
- Added -mana cost crafts on ring and amulet
- Replaced Plague Bearer with Withering Step
- Switched abyss jewel in belt from flat fire + blind to onslaught on kill and blind
- Updated leveling section

28th July 2020
- Removed unused items in pob
- Made helmet more offensive (- chaos res, accuracy + focus mod)
- Changed wand a bit to be more phys based

10th July 2020
- Replaced Withering Step with Enduring Cry
- Starter setup is now using Duskblight boots
- Starter setup is now using Witchfire Brew and endgame setup is using corrupted Embalmer gloves by default
- Cleaned up cluster jewel tree as it was messy after wording changes in PoB
- Starter setup is now using Mistwall as the shield is always cheap

18th Jun 2020 - 3.11
- Replaced Wind Dancer timeless jewel with Wind Dancer on tree (super nice buff to the build)
- Removed Golden Rule from Cluster Jewel setup
- Replaced Antivenom with Feast of Flesh in Cluster Jewel setup
- Outside of this there are not many changes, build gained some extra survivability and Wind Dancer for leveling and lost some damage

24th May 2020
- Replaced Voices with Large Cluster Jewel
- Switched helmet to Starkonja in Starter setup

25th April 2020
- Added Wind Dancer to default tree
- Switched to Kintsugi as default body

9th April 2020
- Added Golden Rule to cluster jewel tree
- Added Antivenom to cluster jewel tree
- Added Wind Dancer to cluster jewel tree

30th March 2020
- Added small Community section to Media section with videos recorded by other players playing the build or build based on same idea

23rd March 2020
- Fixed cluster jewel tree
- Fixed cluster jewel tree again (after PoB update)

21th March 2020
- Improved Cluster Jewel tree by a bit (more survivability, possible Voices instead of Large Cluster later after PoB gets support for it)

20th March 2020
- Added cluster jewel tree

16th March 2020
- Added level 10 - 70 leveling trees
- Overhauled leveling section
- Switched to Bladefall + Spellslinger and wand leveling
- Replaced Heartseeker in final tree with extra jewel socket

12th March 2020
- Updated crafting section for new fossil changes
- Updated tree to 3.10

27th February 2020
- Reworked the guide for assassin
- Changed trees from Pathfinder to Assassin

13th December 2019
- Updated Asssasin lvl 100 tree
- Updated Assassin lvl 90 tree
- Switched to PoB fork for main pastebin

12th December 2019
- Updated Barrage workaround based on new Barrage support gem update
- Swapped Quartz flask to Witchfire Brew
- Replaced Summon Skitterbots with Malevolence and switched to lower level Precision
- Replaced Shield Charge with Whirling Blades in leveling section (because of Shield Charge not being available as Vendor reward to ranger)

11th December 2019
- Created the build

Pro's & Con's

+ Good single target. The build can reach 10M+ single target DPS with current setup after around 8 second ramp up (16M+ with Cluster Jewel setup)
+ Really good clear speed (because of Kinetic Blast and some explosions on top)
+ Multiple build variations to suit your goals, budget and playstyle (default, cluster jewels, strength stacking/alberon's)
+ 256% increased movement speed and Shield Charge
+ 6K+ Life
+ 84% chance to not get hit, 46% chance to not take damage when hit
+ 20% less damage taken if not hit recently (Wind Dancer)
+ 20% less damage taken if not hit recently (Kintsugi)
+ Fortify (20% less damage taken)
+ Critical strike immunity (Mistwalker)
+ 8% reduced damage taken (Mistwalker)
+ Can do most map mods
+ Can do all content
+ Decent league starter, as it do not really requires anything to function, and can work just fine on Tabula and basic gear

- Needs a lot of intelligence and strength from gear
- Enemies do not die instantly so sometimes we can take some dangerous hits (we combat this with our high defenses)
- We need to level as something else as the Wand setup do not works before getting at least Obliteration wand
- Mana can be sometimes an issue, can be easily temporarily solved with mana flask

Content Done

- Atziri
- Uber Atziri
- Sirus
- All guardians
- All conquerors
- Delve depth 400+
- Hall of the Grandmasters
- 100% Delirious T19 maps

My characters using this build

- Metamorph character
- Delirium character
- Harvest character

Path of Building

Path of Building is tool for PoE to plan gear, skill tree and calculate effective damage. It also contains Bandits and Pantheon choice. You can download it here. Important! Make sure you are on Path of Building Comminity version, the guide requires it. After that simply import below Pastebin URL into PoB:


Navigating through PoB (important, read carefully)

There are trees for level 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10. Bear in mind that low level trees are optimized for my playstyle and do not really prioritze taking a lot of life early.
There are also special trees for various build variations (see Build Variations section).
Use dropdown in bottom left corner of Tree section in PoB to cycle between the trees:

There are also special item sets for various build variations.
Use dropdown in top area of Items section in PoB to cycle between item sets:

There are multiple gem sets as well again for varions build variations.
You can see them all as disabled/greyed out in Skills section in PoB:

How to configure PoB for your own character

After importing your character to PoB, follow these steps to properly configure it to show your actual stats:

1. Switch to your Power Siphon setup in Main Skill section
2. Enable all flasks in items section and switch to configuration section
3. Set Is enemy boss? to Sirus
4. Set # of Withered stacks to 15
6. Set # of Poisons applied recently to 30
7. Set # of Poison on enemy to 30
8. Set # of nearby Rare or Unique enemies to 1
8. Check Do you use Power Charges?
9. Check Do you use Frenzy Charges?
10. Check Do you use Endurance Charges?
11. Check Are you Elusive?
12. Check Is the enemy Blinded?
13. Check Do you have Unholy Might? (if using Overwhelming Malice)

Build Variations


Damage: 7/10
Survivability: 7/10
Clear speed: 7/10
Scalability: 5/10
Initial investment:: 3/10

This setup is not utilizing anything special, only base tree without Cluster Jewels and basic damage/life rares. It is the ideal setup for league start or as temporary setup before getting enough currency for one of the alternative setups. Also it is most straightforward setup, what makes it easy to follow and the reason why it was chosen as default setup. All leveling trees are also made for this setup, when migrating to alternative setups just check the difference between default tree and alternative tree to see what to change.

Cluster jewel

Damage: 9/10
Survivability: 9/10
Clear speed: 10/10
Scalability: 7/10
Initial investment: 7/10

This setup is utilizing Cluster Jewels and Thread of Hope keystone to improve our damage, survivability and sustain.

There is special Cluster Jewel tree for this setup (see Navigating through PoB section).

Cluster Jewels provide us a lot of sustain thanks to Feast of Flesh notable and life gained on hit, what scales really well with very high hit rate of power siphon. We also stack some extra sources of faster poisons what might not look like a much in PoB but they are huge damage multiples thanks to the amount of extra poison duration we have. Then we use Thread of Hope to save a lot of poins on pathing and take only the most important nodes.


Damage: 10/10
Survivability: 7/10
Clear speed: 6/10
Scalability: 10/10
Initial investment: 6/10

This setup is utilizing Replica Alberon's Warpath to convert strength to damage.

We scale our strength with few core pieces. Astramentis amulet that gives us huge amount of flat strength and also fixes our other stat requirements, Meginord's Wise gloves what are another huge source of flat strength and also easy target for corrupting for Despair on hit.

Another very important piece is small cluster jewel with Wall of Muscle that gives us a lot of extra strength and life.

We also use Lethal Pride jewel. Lethal Pride by itself adds strength on nodes around and can also add 5% increased strength or +20 flat strength on notables around. This can happen multiple times so Lethal Pride can be really optimized with some investment and bunch of Divines. Divines reroll both number (what determines what notables around will roll) and name (what determines keystone) but in this case we do not really care about the name so just try to divine it for maximum strength on notables around (and there is a lot of them so it should not be very hard).

And last but not least we use Inertia jewel to convert Dexterity passives to Strength passives (as we path through Shadow/Ranger area that has a lot of dexterity but very little strength).


For your major god Soul of The Brine King is good pick to avoid being chain stunned in bad situations. Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Solaris pantheons are very good options as well. Because we are evasion/dodge build, I prefer Lunaris.

For your minor god Soul of Soul Garukhan is good choice because again, we are evasion/dodge based build, and extra dodge is always good. Another good option is Ralakesh to reduce dot from Blood Rage and to get Blind and Maim immunity. Valid option is also Ryslatha for extra charges for life flask and extra life recovery from it.


Get Noxious Strike first. Then get Mistwalker and Toxic Delivery for some damage and defense and finally get Opportunistic from Uber Lab.

Leveling and gearing

So with this build, you will be leveling with Spellslinger, Bladefall and Kinetic Bolt to make leveling less reliant on weapons. After leveling, you can switch to Power Siphon. Important! The gems we are using for Spellslinger leveling are not all same as we will be using after we migrate to Power Siphon/Barrage. Check the end of Gem Progression section for details.

Leveling gear

Gem progression

The gems and setup below are sorted both horizontally and vertically based on priority, where stuff on right and bottom is less important in each level breakpoint section. Gem names that are italic are the ones that change since previous level breakpoint.

Level 1
3 link - Ethereal Knives (Act 1 - Enemy at the Gate - Nessa)
    Lesser Poison Support (Act 1 - Enemy at the Gate - Nessa)
    Pierce Support (Act 1 - Mercy Mission - Nessa)

Level 8
4 link - Ethereal Knives
    Lesser Poison Support
    Pierce Support
    Unbound Ailments Support (Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Nessa)

Level 10
4 link - Ethereal Knives
    Lesser Poison Support
    Pierce Support
    Unbound Ailments Support
1 link - Smoke Mine (Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Nessa)
1 link - Enduring Cry (Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Siosa)
1 link - Withering Step (Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Nessa)

Level 12
4 link - Ethereal Knives
    Lesser Poison Support
    Pierce Support
    Unbound Ailments Support
1 link - Power Siphon (Act 1 - The Siren's Cadence - Nessa)
1 link - Smoke Mine
1 link - Enduring Cry
1 link - Withering Step

Level 16
4 link - Blade Blast (Act 2 - Intruders in Black - Yeena)
    Lesser Poison Support (Act 1 - Enemy at the Gate - Nessa)
    Unbound Ailments Support (Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Nessa)
    Void Manipulation Support (Act 1 - The Caged Brute - Nessa)
4 link - Ethereal Knives
    Lesser Poison Support
    Pierce Support
    Unbound Ailments Support
1 link - Power Siphon
1 link - Smoke Mine
1 link - Enduring Cry
1 link - Withering Step

Level 18
5 link - Blade Blast
    Lesser Poison Support
    Deadly Ailments Support (Act 2 - Sharp and Cruel - Yeena)
    Unbound Ailments Support
    Void Manipulation Support
5 link - Ethereal Knives
    Lesser Poison Support
    Pierce Support
    Deadly Ailments Support (Act 2 - Sharp and Cruel - Yeena)
    Unbound Ailments Support
1 link - Power Siphon
1 link - Smoke Mine
1 link - Enduring Cry
1 link - Withering Step

Level 24
6 link - Blade Blast
    Spellslinger (Act 3 - Lost in Love - Clarissa)
    Lesser Poison Support
    Deadly Ailments Support
    Unbound Ailments Support
    Void Manipulation Support
5 link - Ethereal Knives
    Lesser Poison Support
    Pierce Support
    Deadly Ailments Support
    Unbound Ailments Support
1 link - Power Siphon
1 link - Smoke Mine
1 link - Enduring Cry
1 link - Plague Bearer (Act 3 - Lost in Love - Clarissa)
1 link - Withering Step
1 link - Despair (Act 3 - Lost in Love - Clarissa)

Level 28
6 link - Blade Blast
    Lesser Poison Support
    Deadly Ailments Support
    Unbound Ailments Support
    Void Manipulation Support
3 link - Bladefall (Act 3 - Sever the Right Hand - Clarissa)
    Spellslinger (Act 3 - Lost in Love - Clarissa)
    Spell Cascade Support (Act 1 - Mercy Mission - Nessa)
1 link - Power Siphon
1 link - Smoke Mine
1 link - Enduring Cry
1 link - Plague Bearer
1 link - Withering Step
1 link - Despair

Level 31
6 link - Blade Blast
    Lesser Poison Support
    Deadly Ailments Support
    Unbound Ailments Support
    Void Manipulation Support
3 link - Bladefall
    Spell Cascade Support
1 link - Power Siphon
4 link - Smoke Mine
    Enduring Cry
    Second Wind Support (Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Siosa)
    Urgent Orders Support (Act 3 - A Fixture of Fate - Siosa)
1 link - Plague Bearer
1 link - Withering Step
1 link - Despair

After you are done with leveling (so after you finish Act 10), switch to Power Siphon + Kinetic Blast setup.

Amulet anointments

Anointments are a new type of enchanting gear introduced in Blight league. To anoint an item, simply take it to Sister Cassia. Only Blight uniques and amulets can be anointed with Notables from the tree.

Here is list of useful anointments for this build:
- Freedom of Movement (Clear Oil, Sepia Oil, Violet Oil): This anoint is very useful from early to midgame and very strong for its price. Its also very good if you just simply want some more dodge and movement speed
- Warrior's Blood (Teal Oil, Teal Oil, Black Oil): Another very good cost effective anointment, very useful if you lack some life regen and strength
- Disintegration (Violet, Black Oil, Black Oil): The single highest DPS node on tree for this build, very good for it's price if you just want raw damage
- Soul Raker (Sepia Oil, Verdant Oil, Silver Oil): Very good for some extra sustain if you feel like your leech is low
- Discipline and Training (Black Oil, Silver Oil, Silver Oil): "Beefy" node if you just want some extra EHP
- Vengeant Cascade (Golden Oil, Golden Oil, Amber Oil): Very good clear speed node, allows our KB to overlap on enemies really a lot (also looks amazing)

Crafting your own gear

For crafting we will be using fossils and resonators.

Fossils are a currency introduced in Delve league that can be obtained most commonly from Delve as well. Based on the fossil type, they improve odds of certain mods to be rolled and also add their own special mods.

Mods with * before are important, if you do not hit them, just reroll.

When possible I tried to include links also to craftofexile.com. This site simulates the odds and cost of making the respective items.

Crafting poison wand
Craft of Exile

Item base: iLvl 83+ Elder Imbued Wand (optional: use Perfect Fossil for 28-30 quality or Hillock)
Materials: Corroded Fossil, Metallic Fossil, Serrated Fossil
Mod priority:
1. * 60% chance for Poisons inflicted with this Weapon to deal 100% more Damage
2. * Adds (47-72) to (98-123) Chaos Damage
3. (17–19)% increased Attack Speed

Crafting - chaos resistance helmet
Craft of Exile

Item base: iLvl 85+ Hunter Lion Pelt
Materials: Aberrant Fossil, Pristine Fossil
Mod priority:
1. * Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance
2. +(90–99) to maximum Life

End-game optimization

If you want to improve clear speed, you can grab Devoto's Devotion. That will make you move faster and attack faster:

If you like to rely on your HP instead of avoidance, you can replace Mistwall with very high life shield instead (also helps a lot with gearing):

If you want to focus more on clear speed instead of single target, you can grab Kinetic Blast has a 75% chance for an additional explosion enchant instead of Power Siphon +2 projectile one:

And for even more clear speed and high tier map farming you can use Vengeant Cascade annointment on your amulet what will make KB overlap a lot more on enemies because the projectiles will return back to you:

And for even more clear speed optimization, you can grab chest with Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 3% of their Life as Physical Damage mod. We scale this mod heavily because we have 100% global poison chance and a lot of generic poison scaling, so it synergizes very well:

And for even more clear speed (yes, there is a lot of things you can do for clear) you can grab Tailwind boots what will boost your action speed by 10%, what means faster running, faster attacking:

And for maximum clear speed, well, just slap on Headhunter (you will also probably want Immortal Ambition somewhere with HH to utilize the extra ES it is providing when buffed):


Underground Sea Lvl 92
Acid Caverns Lvl 95 (Pathfinder)
Infested Valley Lvl 93
Basillica Lvl 93
Tower Lvl 92
Shore Lvl 92
Bone Crypt Lvl 69 (League start)
Graveyard Lvl 69 (League start)
Underground River Lvl 89 (Zerphi's Heart)
Beach Lvl 89 (Zerphi's Heart)
Waterways Lvl 89 (Zerphi's Heart)
Shore Lvl 90 (Zerphi's Heart + Poison Sextant)
Delve Depth 250 Lvl 92 (Vengeant Cascade)
Undergound River Lvl 92 (Vengeant Cascade)
100% Delirious Double Beyond Fractured Burial Chambers

4Way Timeless Domain Lvl 92
Al-Hezmin Lvl 79
Al-Hezmin Lvl 89
Hall of the Grandmasters

These videos are from other people playing the build (or build based on same idea). Everyone that wants to be included, DM me.

Ydoum (character GoinPoppin)

Stealthyy (character TTL_Wandsin)

Kalakukko (character jiji_nonono)

irgendwie09 (character irgendSlinger)
My builds:
[3.11] Scourge Arrow Poison Prolif Pathfinder - /view-thread/2551841
[3.11] Power Siphon/Kinetic Blast Poison Assassin - /view-thread/2687562
[3.10] Elemental Hit Wandslinger Assassin - /view-thread/2784902
Last edited by thedeathbeam on Nov 19, 2020, 2:27:05 AM
Last bumped on Nov 25, 2020, 3:13:06 PM
I know it is a bit early to post this before gem reveals and PoB update, but I simulated what I could and I want to also start discussion about the build and also show people that wanders can be great again :d
My builds:
[3.11] Scourge Arrow Poison Prolif Pathfinder - /view-thread/2551841
[3.11] Power Siphon/Kinetic Blast Poison Assassin - /view-thread/2687562
[3.10] Elemental Hit Wandslinger Assassin - /view-thread/2784902
Would love to see this elaborated on a bit more, as someone whos favorite character was wanders before the KB nerfs,I was very very sad to see no wand love in this patch, so if you can flesh this out a little bit more closer to league ill probably league start with this because god i miss KB
Last edited by Olaverty on Dec 11, 2019, 7:55:59 AM
Very excited to try this out. Never played cobra lash to start out before, will be nice to try something new before getting on that good KB/Barrage booms.
Seems interesting. But wanted to add: you can now level with scourge arrow poison and do good damage on bosses. Because now it gives added chaos damage early on. Could be better then cobra lash.

Otherwise... i'm really interested how it will turn out.

Only whats scares me... is your math on barrage support. Feels kinda wrong.
Last edited by krofj on Dec 11, 2019, 9:27:35 AM
I am also curious to know how the math behind barrage works.
I am really hoping that the build will be as good as I expect it to be, but unless they stealth nerf power siphon I dont really have many doubts.

For the barrage math, its simply, you can imageine the proj more damage like this, your first projectile is 100% if you add second, suddenly you have 200% damage, then 300% with 3rd. The easiest way to imagine that is to remove the more damage for projectiles mod I added, check the base damage, and just do that * number of projectiles, what should make complete sense to everyone, and then put the number back and it will be same as the one you just calced by yourself.

And for the attack speed mod, imagine you have 14 projectiles, that is 70% more attack time, what is 1.7 of your attack time, so to get your actual attack time, you would need to divide it by that. So again, remove that mod, check your APS, divide by 1.7. And now add my mod back. The number will be same.
My builds:
[3.11] Scourge Arrow Poison Prolif Pathfinder - /view-thread/2551841
[3.11] Power Siphon/Kinetic Blast Poison Assassin - /view-thread/2687562
[3.10] Elemental Hit Wandslinger Assassin - /view-thread/2784902
Might transition into this a couple of days into the league.

Been wanting to level a poison pf for several leagues.
Looks like this might be the one!
Your math seem still kinda way too good. Anyway, remove PS enchant and did barrage +1 proj enchant. Removed gloves and added just plain rare gloves. At the end its still 2.8mil poison dps.

Should be fine. Even doe power siphon have a lot better damage multiplier. Should scale better at the end of the day.
Ok this actually looks kind of interesting. I might actually even start my league with this. Really wanted to play some poison prolif for the first time and was looking for scourge arrow but everyone is going to play bows and i kinda of hate it. Might play this instead. Since its boss league and update i wonder how it will work on bosses.

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