[3.12] The Perfect Ice Nova | Hierophant | 30m+ DPS | 11k EHP | All Content | 1100+ Delve

thank you :) i will try to study it :> also what's with your timeless jewel ? XD sorry if i demand too much i really want to use this XD tytytyty in advance

Take a look at page 99 I upload ss.
Is there a minimum item level for Nearby Enemies have -% cold resistance on our Ice Nova % helmets?
You need item level 85 and redeemer influence to get nearby enemies take -% cold resistance.

How important is having less duration socketed where aspect of the cat is? I’m struggling to fit it in my build and wondering if it is even worth it. My only option is getting an unset ring with it but hard to find a good one.
Great guide and great build, probably was my fastest 36 challenges using this build. Managed to do all content and can probably do more, if i feel like it.


My gear this league, and obviously it can have many improvements.
Any chance you could give me some info on what to upgrade exactly?

My gear:

PoB: https://pastebin.com/vu2ghfwh

Thanks in advance!!!!
hi i play on ps4 a 5l pledge is 4ex atm and any less is 2ex what would i use to farm up for a 5l? 6l is 15ex
who has the updated pastebin ? or if someone can post theirs that be great.
Added 3.10 version of premium build: https://pastebin.com/yNNeKgdL

I'm thinking of removing the Standard/Delve builds, they were created at a pre-3.9 time when 15m DPS was more than enough, tailwind boots didn't exist, etc. Plus it's annoying to have to update 4 builds.

So I'll probably just show the Budget -> Premium build progression (probably renamed to Starter -> Final builds). This should make it easier for new people to understand too, a straightforward linear item progression.

EDIT 3/31: updated link, some small defensive upgrades
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Crafting guide for ideal helms in 3.10:

You have two options to get a 40% Ice Nova Damage enchanted helm with t1 flat added cold damage to spells, -9% cold res to nearby enemies, and a high life roll. One of these options allows you to keep your helmet if you miss initially, but with extremely low odds of rolling what you want. The other forces you to scrap your helm and start from scratch.

Option 1 (not recommended unless you have god tier fossil RNG):
1) Buy a helmet with the 40% Ice Nova Damage enchant that is at least item level 85 and has either NO influence or ONLY redeemer influence. This will be very expensive.
2) If the helmet has no influence, buy a Redeemer's Exalted Orb.
3) Once your helmet is redeemer influenced, start hitting it with Frigid Fossils in a single resonator or just Chaos spam until you get -9% cold res to nearby enemies.
4) Triple check that the -9% cold res is the ONLY redeemer mod on the helmet (hold alt and make sure there are no other "redeemer" or "of redemption" affixes). If you have multiple redeemer mods, start using annuls and/or reroll the item.
5) Buy any crappy helmet that has t1 added cold damage to spells (can be hunter or shaper). Make sure that the cold damage to spells mod is the ONLY hunter/shaper mod on the helmet. This should be a very inexpensive purchase.
6) Buy an Awakener's Orb.
7) Use the Awakener's Orb in this order: right click Awakener's Orb, left click the Shaper/Hunter helm, then left click the Redeemer Helm.
8) Your new item is guaranteed to have -9% cold res to nearby enemies and t1 cold damage to spells. It will also roll anywhere from 2-4 additional mods.
9) At this point, it is up to you whether you want to annul/multimod/exalt slam.
10) If you brick your helm with an annul (i.e. annul either of our Awakened mods), the helm is still salvageable, but only if you are extremely lucky. You can start hitting the helm with Frigid + Pristine Fossils in a two-socket resonator, but the odds of getting both desired mods along with high life are extremely low.

Option 2:
This method allows you to make cheaper repeated attempts at the craft, with the proviso that if you fail the initial craft, the item is scrapped. It is still more reliable, but you will feel much worse as your currency is basically flushed down the drain if you miss.
1) Buy an UNINFLUENCED or HUNTER ONLY INFLUENCED helm with 40% Ice Nova Damage enchant that is item level 75-84. This will be much cheaper than an item level 85 helm with the enchant.
2) Start hitting the helmet with Frigid Fossils in single socket resonators until you hit t1 added cold damage to spells as the ONLY hunter mod. This is an easy roll.
3) Buy an item level 85+ redeemer influenced helmet with -9% cold res to nearby enemies as the ONLY redeemer mod on the helm (should cost 70c-1ex).
You can also choose to try to roll the mod yourself, but it's easier to buy it straight up.
4) Buy an Awakener's Orb.
5) Use the Awakener's Orb in this order: right click the Awakener's orb, left click the redeemer helm, then left click the hunter helm.
6) Your new item is guaranteed to have -9% cold res to nearby enemies and t1 cold damage to spells. It will also roll anywhere from 2-4 additional mods. The difference here is that the helmet's item level will be the same as your original hunter helm base (i.e. ilvl 75-84).
7) At this point, it is up to you whether you want to annul/multimod/exalt slam. CAUTION: if you annul -9% cold res to nearby enemies, it is impossible to gain the mod again as your helmet's item level is too low to roll it naturally. If this happens, your helmet is bricked and you must start from scratch.

EDIT: You are welcome to copy this for your guide if you want, Arcinde.
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I think this combination is pretty good too (defensivly)

+ Arctic Armour from


13% less Physical DMG & 12% Less Fire DMG from Arctic Armour
AND addtional
5% Physical DMG Taken as Fire DMG Taken from the Helmet.

I think its a solid alternative for juicy 100% delirium maps where mobs are dealing tons of dmg.

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