[3.12] The Perfect Ice Nova | Hierophant | 30m+ DPS | 11k EHP | All Content | 1100+ Delve

Nice guide and I am thoroughly enojying the build.

Just a quick question, what's your thoughts on a spell gem rare staff instead of Pledge. A weird one, POB seems to have the rare much higher than Pledge (like a 30% flat increase), yet Pledge seems to delete bosses quicker.

Is the greater spell echo not factored into POB calculations?


Added a screenshot

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Ellusivee wrote:
I just started this build the other night. I had a lot of ex to change builds. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, but my dps seems really low. Can someone please give me some tips.

Ps.. my frostbolt attack isn't black balls!! I don't get it

The black balls are an MTX I believe.

Other than the gloves missing the necessary affix, I can't see much more that you can change tbh.

Skill wise, are you throwing out a frostbomb and cold snap, then casting a frost bolt and holding down ice nova?
How's the clearspeed? do you get projectile speed from anywhere? I feel like you can run faster then the actual frostbolts. I'm torn between this and BV.
Wrongkind wrote:
How's the clearspeed? do you get projectile speed from anywhere? I feel like you can run faster then the actual frostbolts. I'm torn between this and BV.

Yeah, I usually run ahead of frostbolts, while I have only 30 speed from boots.
The build is still a work in progress though... Sometimes get oneshot after being frozen, not used to keeping the flasks up constantly.
Need at least 1 more large jewel, tailwind, bottled faith, awake gems...

Still feels nice, killed Sirius 7 deathless yesterday. Got used a bit. Died a lot on 4-5-6 before.
Finished obtaining the watchstones (I play a couple hours a day, so developing slow). Will try to finish atlas and awakening objectives over the week-end.
Hey everyone!

Used a couple of divines to get a decent Glorious Vanity jewel, and came to the one giving 2 nodes of 33% cold damage + 4% penetration in Arcane Vision and Nimbleness slots. But it's Xibaqua, and Pain Attunement is actually Divine Flesh. Small nodes provide some addition DoT damage, projectile damage, area damage and attack damage...

We can't incorporate this into the build, cause bypassing ES is bad for us, right?
I'm kinda confused on how to get the right collors on the staff.

Can someone explain me step by step? I don't understand (read the forum and the slides)
will this work well as a starter?
will this work well as a starter?

yeah i started last league with it and it was super simple to be honest. Focus on getting a reverberation rod (might get the prophecy and get an amplification rod too) early on and you will be able to get to maps pretty easily. then start following the guide in order to know what to do and you will be ok
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will this work well as a starter?

I am testing this right now in SSF Harvest without using any Harvest features.
Leveling Acts 1-4 was okay; I just used Frost Bolt and 2 Wands. The vendor recipe Wand ( (Wand + Transmute) + Topaz Ring + Alt Orb ) provides sufficient DPS.
Transitioned into Ice Nova/Frost Bolt in Act 5 without much problems.
In Act 8 or 9 I switched to 2x Sceptres (Spell Dmag, Add Dmg to Spells) up until including Act 10.
Entering maps I switched to a Primordial Staff; the skill tree then provides sufficient damage nodes for staves. Used Spell Dmg and Crit multi mods on the staff.
Running normal and cruel labyrinth is required to get sufficient dps and utility; its not that hard with the build. I did normal lab at 30 and cruel at 60. Merciless lab is a bit harder with SSF crap gear but also required to advance. I ran this at 78.

The damage is sufficient for white maps if you use 2 4-links.
Clear speed is fine but bosses are no rollover, you need to place two debuffs (Cold Snap,Frost Bomb) then cast a Frost Bolt and then the Ice Novas. This can be tricky versus a high mobile boss.
Also the tankyness is not that good at this stage of character development.

If you like the playstyle then its a nice league starter for Trade League. However you absolutely need the Pledge of Hands to transition into yellow or red maps. A starter strategy would be to farm white maps until you have enough currency to buy the staff.

Depending on the upcoming changes for Heist I consider this as my starter build. I dont think the nerf bat will hit any of its mechanics. And it is independent of several nerf candidates: not Necro, does not use trigger on socketed spell, does not use glancing blows, does not use spell slinger.

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