[3.12] The Perfect Ice Nova | Hierophant | 30m+ DPS | 11k EHP | All Content | 1100+ Delve

Replica Farrul's Fur is looking like a direct upgrade...full uptime on max endurance charges, that looks kinda nuts.

100-150% increased Armour and Evasion
+80-100 to maximum Life
+2.00 seconds to Cat's Agility Duration
Aspect of the Cat Reserves no Mana
Gain up to your maximum number of Frenzy and Endurance Charges when you gain Cat's Agility
You have Onslaught while you have Cat's Agility
How are people finding this build with heists?

Iam finding this build awful for heists. Just keep getting stunned which disrupts everything and its instant death.

Because you got no defense once the frostbolts move a certain distance away from you cant do anything.
I actually find it pretty easy for heist. I use temps chains aura + coldsnap and phase run during the run to get the chests etc to minimize how many things i kill. Then on the way out I just disable the temp chains and play normal and kill everything. Precast if a door is opening with tons of shit behind.

Was wondering have you thought of energy shield leech support instead of controlled destruction (for frost nova)? It's more dmg when you are leeching energy shield (a tiny bit less when you arent) and a small added defensive. Just a thought.
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How do you deal with projectiles and ranged enemies? Sometimes they kill me before the frostbolst fly to them.
Make sure you have the CWDT Immortal Call setup, it's probably saved me a dozen times. Granite Flask/Rumi's is also a great layer early on. Finally you have Vaal Grace as a defensive.

If your DPS is good you can usually just frostbolt > ice nova > flame dash into them, they'll be frozen/dead before they hit you. If your DPS is bad you'll have to do stuff like frostbolt > run back out of line of sight > ice nova.
This build is good in bligth? in this case what is a good anoints and strategy?
I've been running Steelskin on my left mouse click, find it saving me a good bunch. Did not did the math though, so should I stick with it or CWDT is better anyhow?

Also, how do you guys feel about Frost Shield? I like to use it against tougher enemies but not entirely sure
In the google sheet guide, could you explain what does it mean by "No need for 6-link or off-colors anymore" for Farrul's Fur description? The final gem setup requires a 5B1G link but this chest piece is str/dex. Rolling 5 blue sockets would be hard right?
I really cant seem to hack this build. Its extremely difficult to do Heists on. The balls dont go through the doors, they seem to bug out and cant kill anyone through them, despite best efforts to be in line with the opening. Second I step through it is instagib, which is expected. Some heists it works fine, others it doesnt.

Biggest problem is the stun lock. Any tips around that? The biggest challenge is any ranged enemy as they tend to fire first before the balls get to them, so they hit, stun and I cant use Ice Nova to kill.

Using Steelskin and immortal call with cast when damage taken set up.

Any ideas how to stop stun lock?
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So, thoughts on replica Farrul?
Endurance charges instead of power (which we obtain easier than endurances with ascendancy)

Onslaught instead of phasing and boost agility instead of stealth buff.

Is a bit more expensive but not much and looks better?

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