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Hey guys. Has anyone played around with the new Jewel added in Heist: Nadir Mode Cobalt Jewel?

I can't tell if it is even working, cos' looking at my character sheet, the spell crit chance does not increase with intensity, but can someone say whether this jewel could be good on paper?
Can you tell me how to craft your cluster jewel with wish for death and master of fear? It is almost impossible to hit it :(
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Is it worth getting aspect of the cat BEFORE getting farrul's fur (assuming you can handle the 25% mana reservation)?
Power Charges are from Stormrider. If you are using regular Farrul's Fur (non-replica) they you get it there too. You also get power charges on kill from Conviction of Power.

Nadir Mode is not better than a decent rare jewel.

Wish for Death/Master of Fear is unfortunately just a pain in the ass to craft right now. There is no good way to do it besides just alt/regals. (It doesn't have good tags for fossils or anything.) There were easy ways to do it in Harvest/Delirium but not anymore. Remember you always have Evil Eye as a budget replacement.

No it's not worth getting Aspect of the Cat before Farrul's Fur. (it isn't worth it for us to use any %mana reservation basically)
I'm really struggling to do some real dps against beefy enemies on level 83, I just slotted Awakened Cold Pen 20% quality instead of Hypothermia on my 5 link Pledge Of Hands, but still it takes a while to kill Tier 13+ bosses and I even had to give up on a Synthesis boss because I literally couldn't drop him below 50%

MY POB shows that I do an average of 52k dps against Shaper with both Lucky Crits and 40% damage flasks active, which is incredibly low.

I'm missing something(besides gear) in my build

Edit: Just spent 200 chaos orbs getting 3 cluster jewels and some of the passives, still doing literally 0 zdps I think im giving up. it costs 1000+ chaos orbs in items to do even remotely close dps to something like a 6 link 8 exalts ball lightning miner
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Is there any point for dps with greater projectiles instead of lesser? Or just more aoe coverage?
when i copy the paste bin POB tree into my POB, it comes up with an error?
I'm getting one-shot by just about everything I have no idea where to go from here. Is there a way I can make this build tankier?
I have the Hollw Pledge prophecy but after 58 maps (yes iam sad and I am counting) ranging from T3 to T12 I can not seem to proc the sodding thing. Gettting really sick of the stupid prophecies. Wish they were not in the game.

Can anyone please help me with what specific maps I should try using. The Wiki is absolutely useless and can confirm 10000% it is not Grotto, Geode, Underground River (ran all of those maps 5 times each on each of their watch stone tiers).

Can someone explain the 19% effect of shock in the Final Build PoB configs? I understand where the 16% comes from in the Basic config. Is it from landing appropriate small passives w/ Glorious Vanity?

EDIT: Nevermind, I missed the Elemental Focus node on the right of the tree for an additional +20% effectiveness.
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