[3.12] The Perfect Ice Nova | Hierophant | 30m+ DPS | 11k EHP | All Content | 1100+ Delve

anguyen wrote:
How do you maximize the DPS? Frost bolt once then ice nova each projectile?

Pretty sure that's it. Chuck a Cold Snap/Frost Bomb or both in there for the debuffs.

would this build be more viable than a cremation necro?

Currently thinking about leveling both builds and then decide what to play, my plan later is definitely to do heists, delving and maps, for maps I like to have a smooth experience when I encounter blight or legions and I'm not sure if this build here is suitable enough? (screen coverage mostly).

Thank you!
Blights, as well as almost all content, are a breeze with this build. Unfortunately, legions are definitely where this build struggles. You can somewhat mitigate it with Vaal Ice Nova, but I've found it to be a mediocre solution at best.
Why Hatred is better than herald of ice? I have only played one cold DPS build before so my knowledge is very limited but on paper to me Herald seems better.
It's actually not even close between Hatred and Herald of Ice. The typical usage of Herald of Ice is for explosions and help with a little extra AOE damage, neither of which this build needs. Otherwise, Herald of Ice offers pretty minimal added flat cold damage to spells, whereas Hatred offers a healthy amount of more (read: not increased) cold damage, for approximately 13% higher DPS than Herald of Ice.
Still got a Thaumaturgical Aptitude and double Thaumaturgical Aptitude jewels
Im done with this char for the league. pm me if anyone wants to buy this build over. All content cleared with ease, smooth mapping, simulacrum etc.

Thanks for the detailed build guide. :)

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Really nice and smooth build. Heist, Delve, Legion, Sirus, U-Elder - all are destroyed. Mapping can be a little bit annoying on "room-like" locations, but still no big problems.

First off, I want to thank Arcinde for putting the build together, and having an offline powerpoint deck was awesome. Super handy for reference and really detailed. First time I've seen this, and I really appreciate and thank you for the work in putting that document together. Well done.

I'm hoping some of the more experienced players might be able to offer some suggestions on next steps. I feel I've hit a wall as any upgrades are really expensive -- I've fought Cortex T14 deathless twice but no bottled faith.

I have magic hunter boots that I have tailwind and 15% movespeed on, but haven't done anything else since I only have about 5ex. Bottled faith, awakened controlled destruction, or even redoing the sockets in my farruls will take a bunch of currency. Maybe 96 and current state is good enough. I die on occasion, but don't have any plans to hit 97. I have a glorious vanity with stillness, but haven't socketed it since I also found a divergent vitality that gives 20% damage on full health.

So suggestions, comments, feedback would be awesome:

POB: https://pastebin.com/SLAE58LK

First I would like to thank you for the awesome guide.
I have question as a Hardcore league player, when you say changing ring to essense worm, by giving up resist and life do you mean you will be playing with uncapped resist? if so i shouldn't switch to essense worm in HC?

also any tips for hardcore?

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