Horswag wrote:
Sorry if im asking too much questions but i needed to know

1) Is temporal chains better than flammbility for single target?
2) Is it possible to get a mixed setup for both single target and mobbing so we dont have to get two 6 link bows with 2 empowers, or not have to manually swap gems all the time?
3) How do you deal with survivability,given your current tree. All the rare gear in PoB has +100 hp rolls yet youve got only 4k total, and theres no spell dodge keystone
4) Is rain of arrows nessesary if we can just use Frenzy as the enabler, saving us a socket.
5) Is 3 curses really nessesary or would Kaom's plate +2 curses in a 4L be better?

Given the changes to mobs HP some changes are need and more survivability.
1> flamability is still better
2>it is possbible to have 1 setup for both, just remove barrage and add burn damaga or deadly ailments, for high end bosses you will need barrage(shaper etc)
3>I am busy with work so I dont have time to tweak PoB tree, will give a tanky version as well, which would mean you wear kaom and 2 curses and go for more life which will give you 6K life. Ur survivability is life regen(around 700) and life leech, around 3 % which includes watcher's eye vitality or warlord mark for start
4>I use RoA cause of Vaal Roa whiich is amazing for bosses but u can use frenzy,
5> I think that for this league kaom will be better
I noticed you use a ring for mana gain, but how do you sustain your mana? I'm only level 52, but noticed mana is a bit difficult to maintain.
AkashaMoka wrote:
I noticed you use a ring for mana gain, but how do you sustain your mana? I'm only level 52, but noticed mana is a bit difficult to maintain.

I used a mana flask all up until maps, then I switched to BM, it is just better for this build, more life and no mana issues
semma_car19 wrote:

For the past 5 years I have been stranded on an island, I have now found my way back to Wraeclast... To save it!

We are back in business boys! I decided to try and make this build work again and boy, the DPS is much higher than what we had with Elementalist.
Whilst this isn't the cheapest build out there, it also isn't near as expensive as some others out there.

With the changes in 3.9 I'm hopeful that we can expect Explosive Arrow to scale really well into endgame.

This is the best EA build you will find!


Recent Updates

Path of Building does not correctly calculate Barrage Support, will post videos tomorrow to show difference. (Please be aware of this when looking at the PoB numbers)
Gem links section completed.
Levelling notes section completed.
PoB link has been updated and is now 80% complete, please see notes section of PoB. Tomorrow I will add budget and midrange equipment sets to the PoB and also expand on equipment section of build guide.
Levelling trees will also be added to the PoB tomorrow.

Added some levelling notes.
Clarification on final gem links setup should be coming later today.
PoB forks have now been updated with the newly released gems, so the PoB link will be getting updated soon, either later today or tomorrow.

13/12/2019 - 3.9 Metamorph Launch
Explosive Arrow has received some love this league with a very nice skill rework.
As such, the tree has changed a bit.
Our main options for Ascendancy now are Deadeye or Raider.
We have dropped Less Duration Support.
We are still using Elemental Equilibrium.
Bosses are now even easier with the Explosive Arrow rework.

The build guide has now been overhauled to bring it up to date for Metamoprh.



Hydra 3.9
Shaper - Full Fight
Red Elder - Full Fight
Uber Vaals - Full Fight
Uber Atziri - Full Fight
Elder Guardian - The Purifier - Full Fight
Elder Guardian - The Enslaver - Full Fight



+ Fun to play.
+ Fast mapping.
+ Can Magic Find easily.
+ High life and safe gameplay, most things will die off screen.
+ High single target DPS.

- Life Leech is not as good as some other bow gems.
- Cannot face tank bosses, this is a hit and run build!
- Requires some currency to make all content viable (Roughly 10ex for gear, 21/20 gems and Empower)


Path Of Building

Pastebin Link



Bandit Choice
Kill all for 2 Passive Points


Ascendancy Choices

Utilizes more accuracy, more arrows fired and more elemental damage dealt.

Normal Lab: Far Shot
Cruel Lab: Endless Munitions
Merciless Lab: Gathering Winds
Uber Lab: Fast and Deadly

Utilizes more arrows stacking.

Normal Lab: Quartz Infusion
Cruel Lab: Avatar of the Veil
Merciless Lab: Rapid Assault
Uber Lab: Avatar of the Chase



Major God
Soul of Lunaris

Minor God
Soul of Shakari or Soul of Garukhan (switch between the 2 dependent on situation)


Budget Equipment

Silverbranch Bow, upgrade to fated version as soon as you can.

Any rare quiver with life and elemental damage as minimum.

Any rare with life and resistances or Hrimnor's Resolve.

Any rare with life and resistances, Belly of the Beast or Carcass Jack.

Any rare.

Any rare.

Any rare with life and elemental damage, aim to get at least one ring with some added cold/lightning damage in order to proc EE. (more on this below)

Ngamahu Tiki

Dyadian Dawn


Gem Links

Explosive Arrow
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Burning Damage
Ignite Proliferation

For bossing, swap Ignite Proliferation with Barrage Support.

For endgame, transition into Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks and Awakened Burning Damage Support.

Helmet (No links required)
Blood Rage
Blink Arrow
Smoke Mine

Chest (Multiple options)
2 Curse CoH setup:
Rain of Arrows
Curse on Hit
Elemental Weakness
Poacher's Mark

To apply 2 curses, either get Whispers of Doom in the passive tree, or upgrade to Awakened Curse on Hit.

3 Curse CoH setup:
Rain of Arrows
Curse on Hit
Elemental Weakness
Despair or Temporal Chains

To apply 3 curses, you must get both Whispers of Doom in the passive tree AND Awakened Curse on Hit. You can then choose whether you use Despair or Temporal Chains as your 3rd curse.

(Do not use
Temporal Chains when mapping, you can swap this for Poacher's Mark then swap back to Temporal Chains for boss)

No CoH setup:
If you don't want to use a CoH setup, you can simply use Kaom's Heart and this will give you a big boost to both the explosion and ignite damage of Explosive Arrow.

Cast when Damage Taken
Increased Duration
Summon Flame Golem (if you have high accuracy) or Summon Ice Golem (if you have low accuracy)

Ensnaring Arrow
Toxic Rain
Ballista Totem
Greater Multiple Projectiles

Using Ensnaring Arrow and Toxic Rain with Ballista Totem will give you 2 active totem skills for each skill. When bossing, summmon 2x Toxic Rain Ballistas and 1x Ensnaring Arrow Ballista.


Levelling Notes

Level using Burning Arrow/Caustic Arrow, use any rare bow that you find, ideally with +1 socketed gems/+1 socketed bow gems.

Once you have access to Explosive Arrow, link it with Elemental Damage with Attacks, Greater Multiple Projectiles and Combustion.

Use Herald of Ash.

You can also use Artillery Ballista for bosses.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Elemental Equilibrium work?
You must have a source of either 'Added cold damage to attacks' or 'Added lightning damage to attacks'.
You must not have any 'Added fire damage to attacks' or 'Added fire damage'.
Use Rain of Arrows first to apply Elemental Equilibrium and your Curse on Hit setup.
Then use Explosive Arrow to apply fuses and wait for explosion.
After explosion, use Rain of Arrows again to reapply Elemental Equilibrium/Curse on Hit setup for the ignite damage over time.
Rinse & repeat.


Coming Soon

As the league progresses and I test more stuff, I will be updating the build with multiple gear options for budget builds up to best in slot.

The PoB will be updated as well with the available gear sets. Possible levelling trees and multiple skill trees for different setups..

So make sure to check on the updates section to see what has been added!

My gear in Legion


Used Eternity Shroud and full shaper set to achieve 50% Elemental Damage gained as Chaos, which is huge for Explosive Arrow!
Ty for your responses, that was helpful
Maybe I missed something and it's a stupid question, but EA in this build doesn't utilize GMP, right? Where do we get more projectiles from, or do we shoot one projectile only?
Thoughts on speccing more into ballistas? panopticon / watch towers?
Slandsj1o wrote:
Maybe I missed something and it's a stupid question, but EA in this build doesn't utilize GMP, right? Where do we get more projectiles from, or do we shoot one projectile only?

We get 1 extra projectile from the quiver later on, until then you can use gmp for mapping.
austeemo wrote:
Thoughts on speccing more into ballistas? panopticon / watch towers?

Haven't really though much about balistas, problem with EA is that you need sustain, life regen is not enough and you need leech.
If you would play with balistas you would have to rely too much on dodge
Is the Raider Ascend required for the BM version of the tree? Im currently using deadeye

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