PS4 mtx reward for torturing ourselves

The number of times I have died in hardcore from a game crash is above 10. It just happened again now while farming blood aqueducts on first day of metamorphosis. The monsters around me would all have been dead from the dots I had applied, but somehow when I came back after the blue screen, I was in standard. I guess ed doesn't spread from contagion on the server side.
Anyway, this race to kill awakener to earn mtx in a game that is INCREDIBLY BUGGY and which kills you often through no fault of your own, is seriously messed up. Half the maps I enter the screen is bugging out flashing colors. Crashes are more frequent than last league.

GGG, For the love of god and all that is holy, write a service that runs outside the game so you can tell the server instantly when someone crashes, and perhaps roll them back 2-5seconds when they report the crash.

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Rank 1 on the ladder dead again to crash. This time on the plaza boss that normally I would leech and regen through no problem at all, killing it in 3-5seconds. But, right after shield charging in, blue screen. Friends whisper me rip before I'm even able to relog to check.
This is not fun, this is pain, and I am now telling everyone I know with console not to play this game. I thought it was fixed last league and I had been telling people to play, heck even trying to recruit streamers from other games to check it out... but now... this league is terrible for crashes, worse than legion somehow if that's possible.

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