[Xbox One] 3.9.0d Patch Notes

I am still in Patch 3.9.0c. However I play normally. I can't upgrade to 3.9.0d.

I am having the same issue. I can play normally, but don't see and can't download the 3.9.0d patch
So did 3.9.0D get released if so a lot of Xbox One Users did not get the patch yet.
I believe there's a typo either on the Patch Notice Window or the Production tag line at the bottom right of the menu screen.
Hi everyone,

The live version is 3.9.0d, but on the login screen it will still display 3.9.0c (the version lettering was missed in the update), but it's indeed 3.9.0d as patch notes state.
havent noticed any issues....runs fine
And a 3.9.1 on Xbox onde? Date? In PS4 is a live
And a 3.9.1 on Xbox onde? Date? In PS4 is a live
5pm PST, today.
Thanks Jeff 😁
Hey Jeff will this update include custom filters or are the still being worked on internally
give elementalist her prolif back... it was all she had left

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