[PS4] 3.9.0e Patch Notes

[PS4] 3.9.0e Patch Notes:
Console Specific
  • Fixed a client crash while using Alt Behaviour on some active skills.

General Improvements
  • Fixed an incorrect quest state for unlocking Citadels.
  • Fixed a bug where Zana missions could offer Elder Guardian Maps earlier than intended. The minimum tier before these maps are offered by Zana missions is now 14.
  • Fixed a bug where Incubators could be used on items they're not intended for.
  • Fixed a bug in Metamorph League where organs could be placed in the Anointing slot, resulting in a crash.
  • Made further adjustments to stop items getting stuck in Watchstone Altars.
  • Fixed a client crash occurring when using Dynamite in Delve Mines.
  • Fixed another client crash occurring with Pestilent Strike.
  • Another potential fix for a client crash in Metamorph League when encountering Tane Octavius.
  • Fixed an instance crash that can occur during The Awakener fight.
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Thank you yet again for all the stuff you all do for the consoles!
I meant to comment on the last patch, but forgot.

Thanks so much for giving us custom filters back, along side the defaults.

Perfect for everyone. (The custom filters are still a little glitchy, but I can live with it).
Please tell me the issue with not being able to remove shaped maps from the map tab has been fixed.
Woah, what? Two out of three positive comments. This place is a mess.
Need a new signature, cuz name change. I dunno though. I guess this seems fine. Yeah, this is good.
and one makes kinda no sense, they didnt remove custom loot filters, they just added neversinks in addition to custom lootfilters, as far as i know.

Is this patch for everyone 9GB?

Before I download 9gb and end up in a "bad state" i just reinstall. Luckily I have no download limits and I feel sorry for the people who have.
475mb for the update like yesterday.
i was mapping and didn't notice the reminder 🤣.
im reading the crash resolution update sadly nothing happen to me i ve other crash xD
just to add something positive, for all those who struggle with downloading those big amounts, I used successfully a lancache setup for another project. Ofc the initial download still has to be made, but a reinstall could be totally from a cache. The setup is not that simple, depends on your environment, but its possible for PS4 downloads (runs on every platform that can run docker)


With that we managed to get an inhouse delivery rate up to 8gbit for PSN download. Ofc this doesnt help for a single console, but if you have more than one in your environment, this might be worth it.

This should theoretically also work with XBOX and many other platforms but i haven't tested it yet.
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When are the Metamorph support packs coming to console? Forum post about them said 16th but don't see them in the shop yet.

Also not sure if this is just for me but since this patch dropped the "a" in Tanes name has been replaced with a rectangle lol.

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