Sirus fight is making me quit POE

I've read that it's physical degen couple of times around here.

That would make sense to me, GGG have let power creep and different character building element go out of control, and the only way they have to make the fight less cheesable is using the one mechanic that you can hardly defend yourself against : physical degen ( which invalidates most defensive options but pure buffer and only pushes players do go sponge + dps for this fight, narrowing build diversity ).
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

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Shagsbeard wrote:
You've tried twice... and you gave up. That's sad.

This annoying hide and seek minigame while moving around this giant red circles is boring as hell. This fight is not challenging in a funny way. And this comes from a person who did 40/40 the last 3 leagues.
"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried." - Stephen McCranie
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The Awakened gems and currencies being far too rare is going to make this a short league for me. Want to try playing with Awakened Spell Echo? Too bad there's not a single one up for trade a week into the season in ANY league. There's ONE Awakened Spell Cascade.

What's the point? If I can't realistically play with the new toys then I'll go play a different game until there's something new here. Sirus is a dud. Some cool attacks ruined by bad implementation. Even Reddit knows it's a blunder and they love everything GGG does.
bewareofcl0wn wrote:
Yeah giant floating orb of death just sitting outside the door to Oriath is uhhhhhh...

This happened to me on my second Sirus attempt. Made it to his final phase deathless. Was dancing around his merry-go-round chaos thing and dodging his attacks. I died from the triple beam while on degen ground I didn't see due to the color choices.

No big deal! I have 5 more chances! I'll finish him off for sure! NOPE vortex right at the door. no way to lure it away.

What is the purpose of having 6 portals if one death can brick the entire fight?

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Want to stop power creep? Gut crit chance and crit multi.
bewareofcl0wn wrote:
Yeah giant floating orb of death just sitting outside the door to Oriath is uhhhhhh...

I had exactly the same problem! And i have killed the Awakener three times (2 crash, 1 lost) and iam at Awakening Level8. I am pretty sure that it isnt even my fault.

I pushed the Awakener to 75% and the Immunity Phase began. As usual i moved away from the whirlwind, waited a bit till it moved towards me. A little bit more to be sure that the awakener isnt in the cloud anymore. than i run around another whirlwind , back into the middle of the map directly under the Awakener. He landed and cast ANOTHER whirlwind directly again (have i pushed the phases too fast?). Needless to say, i died.
When i reentered the map again the whirldwind (the one which killed me) was already quit big and on the way to me at the entrance and i couldnt get past it. after that every enter of the map was followed by another quick death. the clouds didn't disappear, i couldnt jump through the cloud (although i have 6,5k Life and 4,6k ES and Forbidden Taste Flask) and the fight was lost from the beginning upon entering the map.

I have lost another fight due a game crash. i was sad and a bit mad, but that was ok. but now i have unlocked awakening level 8, wanted to try the hardest boss in game and then i was literally stuck and damned to die and couldnt do anything about it. that is so frustrating. especially after a very huge amount of maps i had to run to spawn the 8/8 awakener. and it were WAY more maps than getting to the uber elder.

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Same here.
Got tricked in the corner when I tried to move the bubble, but I had to log out as there was no other way out.
Losing a portal like that is just frustrating.
Also got stucked in the meteor crater, could not move out of the entrance.

This fight is all away from fun.
Not that its the difficulty its just bad designed.
Also I mostly do 40/40, had done it for 8 leagues, but the dmg from the metas also this bossfight is just annoying.
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Spawning Sirius is more annoying than fighting him.
burninbeard wrote:

WAIT! are you saying those storms are chaos dmg? so what i see is what we saw in incursion. you dont need CI, you need a bit of chaos resist. can i assume that you, like most everyone else, run at or close to -60% chaos resist? ggg is trying to force us away from that and so far it has failed. but incusion was the league. sirus isn't league, thats core to new expansion. we will be seeing him for a while to come.

I have maxed out chaos resist and they still kill me almost instantly. Those clouds are just stupid, a fight should never lock you out completely just because you made a single mistake. What's the point of having multiple portals if you can't even get back into the fight.

Get some chaos res and the fight is actually faceroll. The most difficult part of sirius is to spawn him since conquerers have like 1% spawnchance
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Koksii wrote:
Get some chaos res and the fight is actually faceroll. The most difficult part of sirius is to spawn him since conquerers have like 1% spawnchance

Sirus not Sirius.

ive been watching some friends playing with CI and its obvious 50 % of all his attacks and spells are chaos damage. CI players dont take any damage during the fight. they can facetank everything even run into degen tornados for 5 sec…

only CI players can have fun with this fight so what's the point. shit design.

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