[Xbox One] 3.9.1 Patch Notes

[Xbox One] 3.9.1 Patch Notes
Console Specific fixes
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur as result of the alternative behavior active skill setting.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur as result of using detonate mines at the same time as laying mines.

General Fixes and Improvements:
  • Added support for the new Core Supporter Packs.
  • Re-enabled migration of SSF Leagues.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Vaal side areas could generate in an area.
  • Fixed a client crash when killing a General during a Legion encounter.
  • Fixed a common client crash.
  • Fixed numerous Totem Microtransactions not working with some of the new Skills.
  • Fixed the Crucible Hood clipping when worn on Ranger.

Metamorph League:
  • Metamorph samples are now collected automatically when monsters die.
  • Every Map Boss can now be chosen for all organ types for Metamorph League. This will result in an even distribution of the different organs to use in Tane's Laboratory.
  • Volatiles spawned by Metamorph bosses will now die without exploding when the boss dies.
  • Removed the special character from Tane's name as it is not correctly supported.

Atlas Fixes and Improvements:
  • Added capability to search by Region Name in the Map Stash Tab.
  • Added some explanatory text to Watchstones to explain how they can be used.
  • Atlas Citadels are now only hidden when the boss encounter is available. This allows you to change your Watchstones and apply Sextants with more freedom.
  • You can now run the same Map multiple times to encounter the Conquerors of the Atlas. After the first encounter it will have a 33% chance to occur again in the same Map. Running different maps will still cause it to be deterministic. Once you have encountered the final boss all are once again chance-based.
  • Zana Atlas Objectives can now offer Shaper Guardian Maps as options as long as you are in a Tier15+ Map.
  • When you cause monsters spawned by the Conqueror's Influence to appear it will now also cause all nearby monsters of the same Influence type to appear.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the large Snake monsters spawned by the Hunter's Influence to be Magic or Rare.
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in the Shaper, Shaper Guardians, Conquerors of the Atlas and Breach Bosses to not update their Life actively as players joined the instance.
  • The banners spawned by the Warlord's Influence no longer grant damage immunity to surrounding monsters, they instead just provide reduced damage taken.
  • Fixed a bug where the banners spawned by the Warlord's Influence could affect other banners.
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in players having to do one fewer fight of each of the Conquerors before being able to fight the final boss.
  • Fixed a bug where the monsters which are spawned upon defeating other monsters in Maps with the Crusader's Influence could inherit unintended Modifiers which could result in them being unable to take Damage.

Final Conqueror of the Atlas' boss fight:
  • The final Conqueror of the Atlas' Meteor Maze ability now has more time to escape the Maze before damage is dealt.
  • The final Conqueror of the Atlas no longer has blocking during their Meteor Maze ability, so they cannot prevent you from escaping the Maze.
  • The final Conqueror of the Atlas now teleports to the centre of the Meteor Maze skill upon starting it.
  • The final Conqueror of the Atlas' Meteor Maze ability now correctly deals damage if you're outside of the first Maze Wall.
  • Did further improvements to prevent players from getting stuck inside Walls for two of the final Conqueror of the Atlas' abilities.
  • The final Conqueror of the Atlas' quad beam ability now ends when the boss is defeated.
  • Added an effect to more clearly mark out the edge of the temporary Arenas created by the final Conqueror of the Atlas.
  • Fixed a bug where the height of the projectiles from the final Conqueror of the Atlas' Corridor Blast Skill were at the wrong height (a visual bug).
  • Fixed a bug where the final Conqueror of the Atlas could be invisible under rare conditions when leaving and returning to the area.
  • Fixed a bug where the final Conqueror of the Atlas wasn't receiving their damage mitigation decaying buff when entering their final phase.

Other Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an incorrect quest state for unlocking Citadels.
  • Fixed a bug where Zana missions could offer Elder Guardian Maps earlier than intended. The minimum tier before these maps are offered by Zana missions is now 14.
  • Fixed a bug where Incubators could be used on items they're not intended for.
  • Fixed a bug in Metamorph League where organs could be placed in the Anointing slot, resulting in a crash.
  • Made further adjustments to stop items getting stuck in Watchstone Altars.
  • Fixed a client crash occurring when using Dynamite in Delve Mines.
  • Fixed another client crash occurring with Pestilent Strike.
  • Another potential fix for a client crash in Metamorph League when encountering Tane Octavius.
  • Fixed an instance crash that can occur during The Awakener fight.
  • Fixed an invalid quest state occurring when Influence on the inner Regions of the Atlas was not upgraded.
  • Fixed the Chasing a Dream quest not updating correctly when playing in a party.
  • Fixed a client crash when Vaal Temple was inhabited by an Elder Guardian.
  • Fixed another common client crash.
  • Fixed an instance crash related to Tukohama's Totems.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur from monster Shield Charge variations.
Last bumped on Jan 4, 2020, 9:18:37 AM
ily thx
I can delve again. Just what I wanted for Christmas!
Thank you. Organ sucking here we come.
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What about the crash when using a watchstone? every other time i press on it my game just crashes. Anyone else having this problem?

And thanks for supporting the game so well !
Thanks for fitting it in before Christmas.
Formerly posted under AnExile_onthePath
Hmmm, doesn't seem like the patch is available yet. Everytime I try to manually update the game Xbox can't find any new updates.
Ok, restarted my Xbox and the update is there now
Thank you so much for getting this update to us. Happy Holidays GGG Staff
keeps falling after the update, on maps and especially on delve, was normal when you launched the league, Help me pls!

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